A Realised Aim

As you’ll know by reading our blog title one of our aims is to seek out good coffee in a place where often this is hard to find. During the working week it is hard to find somewhere at lunch time where you can sit and enjoy a coffee, much less a good one, where it is not greatly crowded and noisy. On the weekends one must troll through the couple of places willing to stay open to find a quiet spot where you can sit, relax and enjoy.

Well surprise, surprise…we are finally being told that Gloria Jeans will be opening its doors in Alice Springs in around 6 weeks time. We wait in eager anticipation and also in that we may realise a second aim, that of raisin toast, a tasty and great companion to a good cup of coffee. Perhaps they may even dredge up some deep but forgotten emotions in other coffee shops known as competition but I doubt it. More likely it will, simply due to ones own selfishness, cause further hate mail as this company blossoms because the former does not want to give what everyone cries out for, service!

Well anyway we are looking forward to it and pats on the back to the owners of the Gloria Jeans franchise. May they do well and make us proud.

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