Audio Rage

 The ‘market’ wants you to own an IPod.

But what if you don’t like the bland styling, the size and you detest that stupid wheel? In other words, you will never own an IPod. So what happens when you purchase an audio product that assumes everyone in the world owns an IPod? I spend a lot of time driving and like to listen to podcasts whilst I’m going along. One podcast I listened to led me to an interesting book, which I discovered was available as an audiobook. I purchased the audiobook and downloaded it and the file manager software that went with it. Easy? No.

I own a Sony Walkman Mp3 player. It’s a small device with a large, easy to read screen and NO BLOODY WHEEL.Unfortunately, the audiobook seller has created their own DRM file. And of course, this kind of file is NOT compatible with my Sony Mp3 player. I couldn’t listen to the book I’d just purchased. What to do?


  • Search Google looking for information on ways to convert this kind of file
  • Find program that converts this particular file, and download it
  • Discover that the trial download version of the file converter program only converts 30 seconds of audio
  • Fume for three days
  • Write disgruntled email to audiobook seller (who didn’t reply)
  • Purchase full version of file converter program for US $24
  • Convert file to Mp3


So it worked? Yes, it worked. However, I was left with one very long Mp3 file. Which is damned inconvenient when you are stopping and starting the car, your day, your life, and have to spend 20 minutes fast forwarding to where you left off. Which meant that I needed to find yet another program to split the file into more manageable chunks.

So what to do now?

  • Download another program to split the Mp3 file.
  • Import Mp3 file into new program
  • Figure out how to split file
  • Split file into15 minute segments
  • Import file in

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