Back to the Future

It’s not a life, it’s a journey …

Gadget and I are so sick of hearing social commentators, marketing promotions, politicians, our work colleagues and anyone else saying the words: it’s a journey. We groan when anyone utters those words now.

Yes. We know it’s a journey. Everything is a %^&*ing journey. And yet, in describing EVERYTHING as a journey, the import of the words ‘it’s a journey’ is so much less. It’s like using f**k as a noun, verb, adjective and pronoun. If you use f**k so often, when you really need something potent, it ceases to have punch. What do you say when you drop a brick on your toe: oh pooh! Hardly the same impact.

Who do we have to blame for this? New age gurus and self-help books? Buddhists? I suspect it’s marketing spin doctors. But I digress….

Jobs And Things

Today was my first day back at AAPA. Actually, I went back into the very same office I was in four and a half years ago. It was a little strange: strange in the fact that it was both familiar and comfortable, yet disquieting because of the ease which I felt and confidence it brought me. I wasn’t expecting to feel this way. I’d been feeling some trepidation and uncertainty about whether I was doing the right thing, going back to work somewhere where I’d previously worked. Perhaps, when I’m onto writing my twentieth Authority Certificate, I will feel less comfortable and more bored.

Having an office again rather than a noisy cubicle feels so … well … empowering. It’s a good feeling to make the space your own. Like moving into a new house. Of course, I had computer hiccups on my first day – I had half of the programs I needed missing, including the all important AAPA database and GIS program. And I discovered that they don’t use the full MS office suite. Bugger! I needed Publisher to do some work on Big Books. I’ve been given my first Certificates to do: Ormiston Gorge and a roadworks on the Papunya-Kintore road. I’m looking forward to getting out to some places that I haven’t been before, exploring, birdwatching, going to some art centres and meeting new people. I’m also looking forward to introducing the world of geekery to AAPA: using PDAs and Cybertracker for fieldwork, podcasts, corporate blogs and wikis, along with Big Books, the art of interpretation etc. More on my adventures as they arise.

We said a couple of weeks ago that there was something on the horizon for Gadget: well, he’s now Chief District Ranger at Watarrka (King’s Canyon) for the next six months. This means he comes into town -although there is frequent travel to Watarrka- and for the very first time ever we get to live together. Yay!! He’s away at the moment, doing a leadership course in Katherine, which I am a bit jealous of. I would love to do something like that. You get a four thousand word analysis of your leadership style/personality based on an online questionnaire. Anyway, I guess this means that we’ll be spending a bit of time down at the Canyon over the next six months. Who knows what’s going to happen after that. It’s a journey…

Oh my god. Did I really just say that?

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