Bali Post No.1


This is our bag for three weeks away. That’s right- both of us have our belongings packed in this bag.

Hey there, 

We’re in Ubud, Central Bali, on the second day of our holiday here. We had a good flight on Air North from Darwin – they give you HUGE meals!! The flight from Darwin to Denpasar only takes 2 1/2 hours. We arrived in Bali at 8.30pm local time, and then went straight up to Ubud (about an hour away from the airport).

We’re staying at Ananda Cottages again where we stayed last year. We’ve also hired a motorbike – just like last year. Yesterday we spent the day chilling out around Ubud: going to Kafe, looking at shops (but not buying anything), and eating. We saw the most amazing electric blue kingfisher with a red beak, and from our second-storey bungalow set amongst the rice paddies, watched a squirrel build its nest. Last night I did a yoga class (Yin/Restorative) at the Yoga Barn. It was ok, except for the mosquitoes! Actually, the woman teaching should come and do Sally Mumford’s classes in Alice Springs to get some idea on how to cue more precisely for beginners. It was a little annoying to hear incessantly: ‘… feel energy flow into the meridians and connective tissues’ as opposed to ‘…externally rotate your upper thigh…’

Today we’ve been off exploring on the motorbike. We went up through Tampaksiring (where the Water Temples are) and halfway to Kintamani via the tiniest back roads we could find. We weren’t really lost (much). After dodging school children, dogs, chickens and potholes, we found our way back onto a main road and came back down to Ubud via Tegalalang where the amazing rice terraces and world’s most persistant hawkers are (you want sarong? Only one dollar…). It doesn’t matter how much you say tidak mau (I don’t want it), they just don’t BLOODY LISTEN!

 morning-tea-tegalalang.JPG gary-at-tll.JPG

The cafe on the edge of the rice terraces

At any rate, we hid in a picturesque cafe perched on the side of the terraced rice fields (which had one of the cleanest toilets I’ve seen anywhere) and enjoyed the view and the coffee. Then it was back on the bike and down to Ubud for lunch at Dewa’s Warung in a side lane. Very very good and very very cheap.

We’re just filling in time now before we dive into Ubud’s main market for a bit of retail therapy and some more harrassment.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Lovina on the bus, so I will write more when we get there.


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