Camec Folding Clothes Line

Anybody who has been camping for more than a few days has always wished for some clean clothes right?

Recently while away for a month we used a Scrubba bag to wash our clothes but reverted back to good old bush methods to dry our clothes, tree branches.

It’s pretty hard to peg down your clothes when the breeze picks up and you often find yourself picking up half dry items off the ground.

Camped in amongst revellers attending the Birdsville Big Red Bash we looked on enviously as other campers pulled out tiny folding clothes lines.

It was at that moment we decided to look into these when we returned from our outback adventure.

Whilst there are several brands on the market the guys at Caravan and RV Camping supplied us with a Camec Folding Clothes Line.

Made of aluminium it is light weight and won’t rust. The clothes line comes in its own carry bag and folds up for ease of storage.

Camec Folding Clothes Line

You simply remove the two pieces from the bag and extend the relevant parts, allow the lines to expand as you stretch and then push the two pieces together, simple.

The base of this clothes line comes with a tripod setup and even has securing pegs to make this clothes line stable and resistant to blowing over on windy days.


Maximum Load: 25 kg

Weight: 2.7 Kg

Dimensions: Assembled 152cm x 152cm x 143cm high

We’ve used the clothes line a couple of times now and it is a lot easier than trying to hang your clothes on a bush!

Camec Folding Clothes Line

What we Like about the Camec Folding Clothes Line

It’s light, is easily stowed and it comes with pegs to hold it securely on the ground. It has quite a bit of hanging space for medium loads and especially suits us as a couple when away for more than a week or so.

I reckon this is a great addition to our camping kit and it will find itself accompanying us on many a journey into the outback.

If you’re looking for something like this or want to browse a wide range of caravan and camping gear then take a look at Caravan RV and Camping’s webpage right here.

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