Chickens and Geekness


Last weekend I began experimenting with the Cybertracker PDA database program. Although I am intending to develop a database for my work, I thought I would learn the program by creating a database for NT birdwatching. As I’m doing this in the evenings, it’s a slow process. I would’ve liked to have shown you a screenshot, but for some reason, the program won’t let me capture the screen. Anyway, it’s going to take me a while to get the whole database up and running. I also have to make a decision about how much detail I want in the way of descriptions, photos and birdcalls. If I decide to add them, it could take me a while.

On another geeky topic, Ben and I entered the world of geocaching yesterday. Well, we tried to. We tried to locate two caches using the PDA which has a GPS. There was one cache on Anzac Hill; the other (apparently) in front of the Alice Springs Post Office. We didn’t locate either of them. If  you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, check this website out: or this one: .

Not to be daunted, at lunchtime I connected the GPS to the computer and downloaded the co-ordinates for the Anzac Hill cache from the website, and with the GPS in hand strolled down the street to Anzac Hill. And found the cache!! A small clear, cliplock container with a few goodies in it, stashed on the hill. Wow!! I found it. What a super nerd I am. Gary is disgusted at me!


I was informed by Rhiannon today that we are getting chickens tonight. I am worried about how Charlie and the cats will react to them – they’re only silkies. Although we want chickens, we were planning to build a coop once we came home from Bali and had planned the project. Oh well… Let’s hope it’s not fresh chicken dinner for our pets all round.


  • Hick@Heart says:

    Hey, I’m a super nerd too! I’ve been geocaching here in California since December. Me and my son have a blast doing it. My friends like to give me a hard time but they still check my blog and look at the pictures and read about all fun we’ve been having. They just don’t want to admit that deep down inside there is some kind of primal enjoyment in finding hidden treasure! Be careful, before you know it you’ll be hooked too.

    Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

  • Phil says:

    Hey there,

    Did you know that there is a geocache site on Owen Springs? Easy to find, but a little nerdy!!
    Did Gary like his mention on our blog? I hope he doesn’t claim for royalties, otherwise he may have to
    be pulled off the site (don’t be rude, you know what I mean!). Talk to you both soon, Phil.

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