Fifty Things You Didn’t Know About Me

This is total self-indulgence, but it’s kind of therapeutic. So here goes:


  1. My earliest memory is of the moon landing in 1969.
  2. Other early memories relate to a series of accidents my younger brother had (swallowing keys, falling off back porch, breaking collar bone) (sorry Pete. Those things have stuck in my mind!).
  3. I loved Kimba the White Lion when I was really little.
  4. I used to chase the baker down the driveway yelling the ABC at her.
  5. When I was 5, I swallowed a marble. I had to have an x-ray every day until it … umm … passed through me.
  6. When I was 8, I was very lonely at school and used to spend all lunch time playing with little plastic farm animals.
  7. I loved dinosaurs passionately for about 3 years when I was in primary school. I also wanted to be a paleontologist.
  8. When I was 9, my friends and I created an entire universe replete with planets, cultures and rituals, and made ourselves the rulers of every planet. The teachers were worried we were starting a cult (!) and called our parents in.
  9. As a child, I was fascinated by a show called ‘The Untamed World’ which was a documentary about hunter/gather and agrarian societies.
  10. I went mad on collecting shells when I was 12.
  11. Later that year, I went mad on horses.
  12. I wrote my first novel (a Silver Brumby book) when I was 12.
  13. I wrote another novel when I was 13.
  14. I created the world of the Darkest Flame (my own first novel) when I was 15.
  15. I was bullied really badly at school in Year 9 & the beginning of Year 10.
  16. I once skipped school for 3 weeks.
  17. The memory of school bullying was so bad, two years after leaving school, I did my driving lessons in a place where I wouldn’t be seen by anyone I knew.
  18. The bullying was also so bad that I left school with only my Year 10 Certficate even though I was ‘a brain’.
  19. I can draw really well, but I don’t any more.
  20. I was a really confident child, but when I reached 15, I became shy, awkward and lost all my self-esteem.
  21. It took until I was 20 to get my self-confidence back through exercise.
  22. I used to think I was so awful and ugly, that no male would ever look at me and I would have to pay for sex (!!).
  23. The first inkling I had about wanting to be an anthropologist was watching a documentary about Timbuctu on Christmas night, 1985.
  24. When I was 18, I wanted to travel across Asia into Africa.
  25. My life long dream was to trek to Mt Everest (which I did in 2004).
  26. I abhor the incorrect use of apostrophes.
  27. I like anime cartoons.
  28. My favourite album is Karma by Delerium.
  29. My favourite book is Jaran by Kate Elliott.
  30. I am a hopeless bibliophile (Dymocks vouchers are THE BEST presents for me).
  31. I love design.
  32. I don’t like clutter.
  33. I ruthlessly cull my clothing every six months.
  34. I own only ten pairs of shoes.
  35. Watching TV and buying ever more stuff is stressful for me.
  36. I need a lot of time to myself, playing in my own head.
  37. Reading is like breathing to me.
  38. If I can’t find my creative muse (my imagination), I don’t feel like I am alive.
  39. I need to be in natural surroundings (the bush) often or I get down. A cultivated garden doesn’t cut it.
  40. My honours thesis was on paganism in Australia. I was initiated in a Wiccan coven and worked with an Asatru shaman.
  41. I originally went to university to study psychology.
  42. I hate grocery shopping. Detest. Puke. VOMIT!!
  43. My favourite TV show ever is ‘Cold Feet’.
  44. I need intellectually stimulating conversations. This is food for my soul.
  45. I enjoy talking about politics and religion.
  46. Guys with dark brown, curly hair really do it for me.
  47. I am a sucker for Libra men. (Notice that Gary meets both these criteria…!)
  48. I will not date a Cancer. You already have a mother. Go and cry to her.
  49. I didn’t really understand patience until I was 30.
  50. I am left handed and love it.

Drivel, I know. But I had fun writing it.

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  • Uncle Syme says:

    you won’t believe it – I once created a ficticious universe while wagging school from bullies and in it Kimba the White Lion played farm animals with me until he ran off with a guy with brown curly hair. I was forced to take driving lessons in strange places until i got home.

    In all seriousness there are so many things in your list that are sooooooo similar to me that I am not at all surprised I like being around you so much.

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