Frogs, Jobs & Otherness

This is a post mainly about frogs.

Actually, it’s a post about the two or three frogs that like our ensuite.

The first night we ‘owned’ (I say ‘owned’ loosely – Westpac Bank has a large interest in our house!) our new house, Rhiannon and her boyfriend, Andrew, slept here.

They were awakened at some ungodly hour by a chorus of croaks. They searched the house, finally tracking down the noise to the ensuite. There, crowded together on the toilet seat, were three small frogs.

They tried to catch some of the frogs -I think they got one- and put it outside. The others jumped into the toilet.

And were flushed.

From time to time since we’ve been here, frogs have reappeared in the ensuite toliet. I usually catch them and put them outside, either in a drain or in a lush, damp potplant. This week, I stumbled out of bed at 5.30am, busting to pee and heard a plop! into the toilet water. I turned on the light and there was a spread-eagled frog clinging to the bottom of the toilet pan, underwater.

So I did what every woman who wakes up first thing in the morning has to do. I peed on the frog and flushed it.  Sorry, but I wasn’t fishing the frog out of the toilet water at 5.30 am.

Last night I went into the ensuite and the frog was back. I assume it was the same frog I’d flushed the previous morning, reincarnated. I decided to take a photo of the frog:



Then, I tried to catch it. (It subsequently peed all over the floor as frogs do when you scare the bejesus out of them). Caught it. Put it outside in the potplant.

Yet I know it is only a matter of time before the frog (or frogs) are back again.

Why is this a problem?

Well, I don’t hate frogs. I like them, actually. But the little buggers tend to make a god-awful NOISE at 2.33am and wake us up. In the ensuite, it is amplified.

No frogs = better sleep.


(BTW. For those who care, these frogs are usually Desert Tree Frogs, Litoria rubella. Having a ranger for a partner is handy when it comes to knowing common scientific names!).

About Jobs

Ok. I am changing jobs. It’s been on the cards for a while. I’m not going very far, nor am I having a career change. I’m having what you might call  ‘a career return’. I’m going back to the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority to work as an anthropologist once more. This hasn’t been an easy decision for me -again my ambition is to be an academic and to specialise in not only environmental anthropology (thus my PhD on joint management) but also to examine the cultural causes of depression, and depression in Aboriginal communities. This is a long term plan, which will need some incubation and attention, beginning in the second half of this year.

I guess I am quite worried that after being in Parks -which is a sizeable department- and having a variety of projects to work on (although I haven’t recently been happy with the nature of the work I’m doing, nor with my ill-defined role), I might be bored doing sacred site clearances and sacred site registrations. There’s also the fun things at Parks, like fauna surveys and doing the odd bit of Larapinta Trail maintenance that I will miss very much. And all the great people I work with.

There’s things I won’t miss, but I won’t say them here.

Anyway, my last day will be, auspiciously, 29th February.

Gary also has something in the pipeline, but more on that when details are confirmed.

So that’s that for a few days.

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