Why we use Hema Maps

Hema Maps

One key part of travelling the outback is knowing where you’re going. That’s why we use Hema maps.

If you’re like us then you also like to sit down and pour over paper maps during your planning phase, or perhaps you use a mixture of paper and digital maps before you take off. One thing for sure is that you need up to date info, something that the guys at Hema are out continuously upgrading.


Hema Maps

If you’re a follower of social media like Facebook or Instagram then you’ll see posts of the Hema guys out and about doing what could only be described as a dream job. Driving to all points of Australia and updating info while experiencing the journey has to be an added bonus.

On top of this it can only lead us to having the best info available.

Why we use Hema Maps

We often travel solo so this is another reason to have the best info we can get. Occasionally we will also go right off tracks shown on the map, like recently when we visited the Geographic Centre of the Simpson Desert.

It’s important to have reference info to assist us in pinpointing our location. So how do we do this?

We use an iPad with the Hema Explorer app loaded onto it and as the iPad has an inbuilt GPS we can see at all times just where we are. Don’t worry as a redundancy we always take our paper maps, a compass and a stand-alone GPS just in case something fails.

Hema Options

Have you heard of the HX‑1 Navigator? It’s a small device that can attach to your cars windscreen or dash that provides their mapping application on screen.

With this mapping system you can find off-road tracks, carry out on road/street navigation, find campsites & caravan parks and more.

It comes preloaded with Hema’s Premium 4WD Maps, Australia-wide Hema Explorer Map (1:18M – 1:150,000), Digitised Hema touring maps: Cape York, Fraser Island, The Kimberley, High Country Victoria, Great Desert Tracks & the Hema 1:1 million Road Atlas.

Recently Hema also preloaded its most detailed Explorer Map and the Camps app to the device and they also offer FREE 4WD map updates for the lifetime of your device.

If however you like the sound of the Hema Explorer app on your own device check out your relevant app store. Like us then you can also download the above packages and just about any other map you’re after.

For other vehicle preparation tips and info have a look at our page here.

So, have I convinced you yet that you really should get one of these options? If I haven’t then at least visit their online shop below and look at the maps available for your next adventure.

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