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Lake Eyre is located in one of the most remote and potentially dangerous places in Australia.

If you’re thinking of travelling to see Lake Eyre – Kati now that it’s got water in it, then you’ll need to be fully prepared and self sufficient.

In the past, a number of people have died going to in to this very remote area.

Some have been overseas tourists who’ve had no outback driving or camping experience.

On this page, we provide travel advice and safety tips that you should heed if you’re planning on seeing Lake Eyre – Kati Thanda.


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Lake Eyre North and South have significant amounts of water in them, following heavy rain across the outback in February and again in late April. Water is only visible from the Oodnadatta Track at the Lake Eyre South lookout.

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General Advice

Our most important piece of travel advice is not to visit the area during summertime.

Between 1 December and 15 March, many of the tracks into Lake Eyre (and the Simpson Desert) are closed.

It’s just too hot, there’s too many flies and there is no shade or water.

Secondly, beware driving in the area after rain.

Roads in the Outback become muddy, impassable quagmires after only an inch of rain.

After rain, the Halligan Bay and Level Bay Post tracks will usually be closed by the pastoralist and the SA Roads Department.

If the sign says the track is closed, it really is closed!

If you drive on a closed track not only are you breaking the law but you’ll cause damage to the track for other road users and you’ll probably get bogged.

So please don’t do it!

For this reason we don’t recommend that overseas tourists in hired campervans do these tracks unless you are an experienced off road driver and are totally self-sufficient.

Also, your hire car agreement may forbid you to drive on these tracks, so check before you do it!

Lastly, make sure you’ve got a Desert Parks Pass before you go.

However, you can camp overnight at Lake Eyre for a $20 per vehicle per night pass. These are available at the Maree Store/Roadhouse, at William Creek and at Coober Pedy.

And make sure you read the latest Desert Parks Bulletin for up-to-date information on Lake Eyre road conditions.

Safety Tips

Our other advice is to follow some very strict guidelines about safety.

As we’ve said above, people have died travelling to Lake Eyre – Kati Thanda. Make sure you’re not one of them!

Here are our top tips to keep you safe, especially if you’re driving the Halligan Bay or Level Post Tracks:

  • have a reliable 4WD vehicle
  • get your vehicle fully serviced before you go
  • make sure you have experience in outback off road driving
  • know how to change/repair tyres
  • know how to get your vehicle out of a bog
  • carry at least 30 litres of water
  • take all your own food
  • make sure you’ve got enough fuel to get in and back, plus a little more
  • do not drive on the lake’s surface! It’s against the law and you might get bogged!
  • carry a satellite phone, EPIRB or Personal Locator Beacon so that you can set it off in case of an emergency
  • if you break down, do not leave your car
  • Finally, let someone know you are going or better still, travel in a group of two or more vehicles

This all might sound like overkill, but we’d rather you get there and live to tell the tale!

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