We’re back at home after our epic flight (!) from Bali to Darwin, a five hour wait in Darwin airport from 1.30am to 5.45am, and then a two-hour flight back to Alice Springs. We were, to say the least, STUFFED. We’re both still recovering. Next time (yes, there will be yet another sojourn to Indonesia), I think we’ll fly straight to Denspasar and then spend a couple of days in Darwin at the end of the holiday.

At any rate, I’ve started to update the blog with photos. Please scroll down and check the posts below, starting from those written pre-Bali, for photos of our Chinese Silky Chickens (we now have 5), the Knob-Tailed Gecko and Perentie, and shots of Redbank Gorge at Easter. I’ll be putting the Bali shots up over the next few days and adding detail/fixing typos on the posts I wrote whilst in-situ. given the prevalance of free Wi-fi hotspots in Bali, next time we will take the PDA and I can go for broke whilst sitting in Kafe enjoying my iced tea!


There’s a bit of blog maintenance that needs to be done, so over the next few weeks I will be:

  • updating the blogroll
  • adding a ‘Climbing Mt Zeil’ instruction page – apparently, we have a reputation to maintain 
  • encoraging Gadget to write a few posts

So a little bit of work to be done here.

Please check back every day or so over the next week for our improved posts and Bali photos.

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