Mini Lifejacket 3


Has anyone ever thrown you a lifejacket? Well, while this Bluetooth enabled Mini Lifejacket 3 speaker by Altec Lansing is not the wearing kind, it will certainly take some rough treatment and it even floats as well.

Mini Lifejacket 3

I’ve had lots of Altec Lansing products over the years from computer speakers to ones you plug your Iphone into. These performed as an amplified speaker but also as a charging dock.

I still have them and they still do the job intended.

The Mini Lifejacket 3

When the guys at Altec Lansing sent us an advertising blurb it talked about these speakers being “everything proof”.

Scoffing, I watched their marketing video clip of the bigger model being shot, blown up and, amazingly, still working afterwards.

This heightened my interest and I contacted them and they sent me out the mini version to review.

I’ve got to admit I’m not a big fan of blaring music whilst I’m out in the bush but I know a lot of people like to have music on around their camps.

The Mini Lifejacket 3 is compact at 165mm long by 63mm high and 60mm deep so you can throw it in with your gear or in a drawer somewhere out of the way when you’re not using it.


Waterproof/shockproof/it floats!

It has a ruggedness rating of IP67 so it will withstand most things including dust penetration and immersion in water.

Up to 16 hours battery life (inbuilt battery)

Universal mount so you can take the speakers wherever you go.

Handsfree speakerphone (you can answer phone calls with a compatible phone)

Built in USB (you can charge your phone while listening)

Bluetooth (20m range)

The Mini Lifejacket 3 comes with a universal mount, an AC adaptor, an USB cable and an aux cable.

So what did I think?

The Mini Lifejacket 3 provides great audio for such a small unit. I reckon it has better than average sound and while not a boom box it probably means you’ll hear what is being sung or played without the heavy bass.

It paired easily with my phone, and in fact a call came in coincidentally when I was setting it up, so I was able to speak directly with the caller. If you truly want a stereo sound you can actually pair two speakers with the one device.

It is small and lightweight and with such a small footprint can easily be taken with you wherever you want to travel to. The universal bolt on kit allows you to fit the device to things like handlebars using the threaded bolt point on the bottom of the unit.

It’s very robust with a rubbery feel and indicator lights you can see through the front grill that let you know what is going on. I didn’t test how long the unit’s battery lasted but I had it on for a few hours in my garage while doing some work.

You don’t need a phone as with the supplied aux cable you can plug in whatever you can plug the aux cable into and get that sound. The micro USB port allows easy charging using the supplied lead.

Mini Lifejacket 3

The quick start guide is easy to read and before you know it you are all setup and listening to your fave tunes.

One of the great advantages of this speaker is it means you don’t have to fit expensive audio devices to your camping setup. You can simply throw the Mini Lifejacket 3 in with your gear and wherever you stop you can connect in a few seconds and be listening to whatever you like as soon as you like.

If you’re one to listen to your tunes whilst out and about and you don’t have an inbuilt system in your camping setup then I recommend taking a look at these little units. If you’re after one of the bigger units like shown in the video then you can find them here.

The Mini Lifejacket 3 was supplied by Altec Lansing and you can find out more information about this device here.

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