New House Photos II

I’m back from Katherine. I spent a few days working up there with Traditional Owners (Jawoyn people) and rangers, talking about interpretations for the Jatbula Trail, a 66km long walking trail that goes from Nitmiluk carpark to Leilyn (Edith Falls), and also about the basics of recording rock art sites and how to collect cultural information for interpretive signage. Basically, helping rangers and Jawoyn mob to be their own anthropologists (which is good, cos there’s only one anthropologist in Parks & Wildlife and the NT is a big place).

Anyway, I had an awesome time. I was a bit anxious about working with Top End mob -I’ve worked mainly with Arrernte, Pertame, Luritja and Warumunga people, but the Jawoyn were so welcoming and made me feel right at home. Although I didn’t get to work with them as much as we’d first planned -there were several deaths in the community, so several funerals to attend- I’m looking forward to going back and doing some work next year.

I stayed with Andy and Sharon, and had lots of fun listening to their twin boys, Zac and Tyson, tell me all about Spiderman, Piston cups (it sounds like ‘pissed in cups’, but it’s from that animated movie, Cars) and all kinds of other amazing things that 5 year old boys like to tell you. Tyson came in and sat with me this morning when I was having breakfast and went through all his Spiderman DVDs and told me all about what happens on each of them. We also had to cound the DVDs inside the cases several times. Andy is a bit like Gary -not only is he a ranger, but he’s into gadgets and toys. He’s bought a huge plasma tv, has Skype, but my favourite toy was the spa with the light in it that changes colour. The light goes right through the colour spectrum – I love the flourescent green colour. It looks like X-Files type alien bubbling soup.  I also got to go for a spin up the first Gorge in the boat (and a swim – it’s so good to see a river with water in it!). But the highlights of the trip were visiting several incredible art sites (Nitmiluk National Park has about 3000 art sites) and playing with Dozer, Sharon and Andy’s gorgeous little Jack Russell, and having some really good girly chats with Sharon (no boys, you can’t ask – it’s Secret Women’s Business).

Back at home, things are starting to move along with the house. We settle on 23rd October and will start moving on the 25th. I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing. So next week will be full of packing and shifting and cleaning and all those not-so-wonderful things you do when you move house. Anyway, here are some more photos:



The world’s most boring facade….


But with a fab pool and entertaining area…


That’s right, BLACK granite benchtops and stainless steel appliances…



…And at last, we get an ensuite.


So, that’s all from me at the moment. It’s getting late and the internet is very slow tonight. I’ll post some more ravings tomorrow night.


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