Outback Travel News – October 29

An update about a new outback communications service for Sat phone users, Camps Australia Wide to launch an iPad/iPhone app, we answer a question about taking camper trailers into very remote areas, and a great Northern Territory travel special.


00:50 – VKS-737 Travellers’ Network to allow Sat-phone access
02:08 – The popular Camps Australia guidebooks are launching an iPad/iPhone app
03:19 – Should you take your camper trailer into remote areas like the Simpson Desert?
04:35 – Territory Discoveries special offers to Uluru and Alice Springs

VKS-737 Travellers’ Network to allow Sat-phone access

Since 1993 the VKS-737 Radio Network has been providing a wide range of support services to remote area travellers equipped with High Frequency (HF) radios, these services provided by a network of nineteen Base Stations.

A recent major upgrade to VKS-737’s internal telephone system has resulted in a number of changes in the way that incoming calls to VKS-737 Base Stations can be handled. This includes calls from satphones.The new telephone system will enable the Network to offer VKS-737 services to Satphone users who do not have HF radios. The new service should be available from December 2012.

More info: www.vks737.on.net

Camps Australia Wide guidebooks are launching an iPad/iPhone app

Camps Australia Wide are launching a rich content app with a look similar to the Camps book, including online maps (when in data service range) and off line maps for out of mobile network coverage areas.

Users can get voice turn by turn directions to the selected site if you have Metroview GPS installed in your iPhone or iPad. This will run in the background, if you return to other applications on your device on the way to the site.

Users will also have the option to subscribe and get updates monthly for existing site in the App , plus new site that we have added during that month.

More info: www.campsaustraliawide.com/

Camper trailers and very remote/rough areas like the Simpson Desert

There’s been a lot of discussion online this week concerning whether you should take your camper trailer into places like the Simpson Desert, the Gibb River Road or any of the Beadell tracks.

Our suggestion is that you DON’T take your camper trailer into remote and rought areas for the following reasons:

* wear and tear on your vehicle and camper trailer
* an increased risk of getting stuck crossing dunes and creekbeds
* risk of damage to the tracks, which affects other travellers and costs money to repair
* higher costs to recover vehicles and trailers if you break down

Our message is: travel light, use a comfortable swag and a tent when in very remote areas.

Territory Discoveries special offers to Uluru and Alice Springs

Territory Discoveries have a fabulous summer special on 3 nights in either Uluru or Alice Springs.
The cost of the package is $599, including airfares and accommodation, ex-Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

More information: Territory Discoveries

That’s it for this week’s news.

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