Part Moved, Part Mad, Utterly Exhausted…

Hey there. It’s us. Writing from the world of chaos and madness.

Yes, we’re about one-third of the way through our house-moving. For those interstate and elsewhere, we’re moving from Madigan St to Priest St, Alice Springs – about 500m (or two streets) away. It’s not far, so we’re doing it ourselves.

That’s right: no removalists.

At this point in time, we’re both exhausted and wondering if we’re entirely sane for not having removalists do it for us. After a whole day, we’ve only moved one and a bit bedrooms, the laundry, part of the lounge room and half of the storeroom. We also had to do a fair bit of cleaning at the new house as Alaskaman hasn’t lived in it for a while and empty houses tend to get a little dusty and full of Daddy Longlegs (and one Redback, living behind the front door, which is now a Deadback). Also, there were a few areas that Alaskaman left in a mess: a couple of kitchen cupboards, the laundry … thus, Gadget & I spent this morning cleaning.

So yes, we’re stuffed and we’ve probably got another day and a half of this … and then there’s the cleaning at Madigan St to do.

ARRGHHH!!! Moving is so stressful!!

Tonight we did have a small repreive, as Kasia came to visit us and made us laugh and we had delicious Indian food. And choccies and vino!

I should also add that I’m writing this now (Thursday night) as the phones are getting changed over tomorrow morning, and I’m not expecting the broadband connection to be up and running until Monday at the very earliest. Yes, even though I’ve booked it in several days early, it is Telstra and I do live in the NT (NT actually stands for ‘next Tuesday’) and that guarantees that nothing ever happens in a hurry.  But at least we will have some photos of the chaos and its aftermath to post when the broadband comes on.

So namaste, and we will be back online next week with photos that prove from chaos, order arises (yay! complexity theory!!), and probably something from quantum physics … like two random molecules acting in the same way although separated in time and space…


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