REVIEW: The qlipter

The qlipter is a little gadget designed by a Mum in Seattle USA. Apparently unable to hang her backpack off a tree she set about designing something up to the task.

A little while ago we received a qlipter in the mail so we could test it out. Ellen from Kookell who supplied the qlipter told us that she’d found this product to be really useful.

So what is the qlipter? It’s both a carabiner and a hook.


The qlipter is 8.4cm (3 5/16″) wide, 11cm (4 3/8″) long (closed), 20cm (7 3/4″) long (open) and weighs just 70g (2.4 oz). It’s not for climbing or hanging anything more than 22kg and is made from Aluminum alloy, steel, rubber, plastic.

We used it for a number of hanging purposes but really you can use it to hang just about anything.  It was especially useful for hanging things off the cargo barrier in our 4WD.


Some other suggestions would be to hang your backpack, light or gear off the ground especially when it’s wet outside. Really I think it has all manner of uses both inside and out and I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with other uses.

The qlipter also opens out so you can hook it onto something and then still use the carabiner to hang another object off of it.


At $27.95 and coming in a range of colours you’d be hard pressed to come up with a gadget as unique as the qlipter.

You can find a link to the product at  Thanks Ellen for sending the qlipter through to us, what a great little gadget.

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