Travel Outback Australia Testimonials

We get a lot of Travel Outback Australia Testimonials.

We also get a lot of requests for info or other types of assistance that often lead to us receiving the testimonials. Many people contract us via our contact page on the website and some come in directly via email.

People can and do also contact us via our Facebook page found here.

No matter how the contact is made though what this really tells us is that people are finding our page(s) and liking the type of content we provide.

A lot of work goes into maintaining a website, a Facebook page and providing an Instagram feed but I always feel humbled when we are thanked for doing something that simply comes from a desire to share our knowledge and experience.

So….just the other day we received via email a lovely thank you from a couple of Americans who decided to say thank you for helping them out during a recent visit.

I quote,

“Hey guys!

A couple months ago I emailed you asking about how plausible a one week road trip from Adelaide to Uluru would be. Although you told us that it would be rushed, my friend and I decided to do it anyway. The journey was a success and although Uluru was unforgettable, the journey as a whole was an experience that we will cherish forever. We just wanted to email you guys letting you know that a lot of our trip was thanks to this site. From all the tips to the stops and the app that was recommended, we used your site to help with a majority of planning our trip. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the rest of the world and working so hard to create something that would allow others to appreciate Uluru like you guys do. We certainly did! Continue doing the great work that you do!

Stephen Wang and Lucas McGahren (Students from the US)”

Thanks guys, our pleasure.


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