Why They Moved the Big Merino.

Ok. So it’s old news to some of you, but not to me.

They moved the Big Merino (in Goulburn, NSW) down the road about a kilometre from where it used to be.  It’s right next to MacDonalds, just on the top of the bypass south of the town. This happened in April last year, and was funded by a consortium of local businesses. It was done because with the by-pass of Goulburn by the Hume (in about 1992), visitation to the big woolly boy (actually, as he has no genitals, I’m not so sure it’s male) plummetted.

So they moved him (it). I was shocked when I drove through Goulburn in January and thought I’d investigate.

The Big Merino

Anyway, here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about the move if you’re keen to read more:


So now you know why they moved the Big Merino. I am sure you were all losing sleep over it.

Perhaps we need a BIG something in Alice Springs to boost our apparently dismal tourism figures? (Thanks no doubt to the fallout from the NT Emergency Intervention). Perhaps we could have:

  • the Big Caterpillar
  • Or the Big Camel.
  • Or the Big Greencan
  • Or the Big Shopping Trolley

(my apologies if you don’t ‘get’ the last two – locals will know what I’m talking about).

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