100 Things to See in The Kimberley

The Kimberley still sits atop many traveller’s bucket list and many that travel there, travel back time and time again. In a land of ancient landscapes, cultures and endless adventures you really need to get hold of a copy of 100 Things to See in The Kimberley.

Written by Kimberley local guide Scotty Connell this guide provides all you need to know to travel to this spectacular piece of Australia. With a foreword by Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins it soon dives in to why Scotty loves this place and why he wants to share it with you.

If, or should I say when, you visit maybe you will find the Kimberley spirit too.

What is the Kimberley spirit you might ask?

If you ask Scotty he will tell you it’s the spirit of both the people that were raised on the land, those who have grown up there and have had life enriching experiences. Secondly it is the land itself, the untamed wilderness, the contrasts between landscapes and scenery and the constant element of discovery.

Don’t take his word though because you really need to see and feel it to believe it.

So why don’t you grab the 100 things to see in the Kimberley, read it and then plan to visit the Kimberley for an adventure of a lifetime. This well thought out and written book is ideal as a travel companion and takes you on a journey across this great expanse of this part of top end Australia.

From Broome and the Dampier Peninsula, along the Gibb River Road you can visit the Mitchell Plateau all the way across to Kununurra in the East Kimberley. When you’re done with that there is always the Great Northern Highway and of course, the Kimberley Coast.

Sometimes it’s hard to get information all in one place. You can find things by scrounging across the net but to have something tangible, something you can hold in your hands, is a bonus these days. The book has great maps and commentary and also offers tips, best times to visit and other things you might need to know.

All in all this book is a great read and, if nothing else maybe, just maybe it might inspire you to get up there and see it for yourself.

Where can you buy the 100 Things to See in The Kimberley?

You can click through on this link to get your copy or you can visit a good book shop or even get one from the Kimberley itself.


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