24 Inch Ultima Light Bar Satin Long & Wide Hybrid Beam

If you have been following our socials you might have noticed recently, I’ve picked up a new project, a 1990 Toyota Coaster bus, converted to four-wheel drive. Even though I’m not a great fan of travelling at night these days, the OEM lights are a bit dull so I decided to fit a Narva 24 Inch Ultima Light Bar Satin Long & Wide Hybrid Beam to brighten things up a bit.

For years now I’ve had the original Narva Ultima LED round driving lights on our Prado and I can’t speak highly enough about them. They offer brilliant, far-reaching light that significantly improves, my vision at least, on dark roads and affords an increase in safety and driveability.

Ultima LED driving lights


The new Ultima light bars come in two sizes, an 8” and a 24”, and two beam patterns that offer a long and wide hybrid beam or an ultra-wide flood beam. I got the 24 Inch Ultima Light Bar Satin long and wide hybrid beam so I could get the penetrating long beam but also light up the verges as much as possible so those sneaky roos can be spotted.

24 Inch Ultima Light Bar Satin Long & Wide Hybrid Beam

Early in the New Year I finally got around to fitting the light bar and after realising the Coaster is 24v I was happy to find out that the input voltage of the bar is 10-33v, phew! So, while the light bar was supplied with a plug and play wiring loom I had to order a new 24v relay to suit and also incorporate the fact that the bus is negatively switched.

Plug and play loom

For the first time in many moons, I had a bit of trouble getting everything to work. I connected everything up and turned the light bar on and nothing.

I contacted Narva support and they were very helpful, even sending me out a new wiring loom to help address the problem. In the end it was simply a faulty dash switch that had caused all the problems.

Features and Specifications

Narva tells me the lights have an increased resistance to vibration and that the lenses are a UV treated, hard polycarbonate lens that has been engineered here in Australia to suit our conditions. I found just the right spot on the bulbar of the Coaster and can’t wait to try them out the next time I’m doing a night run.

The Narva Ultima 24” long and wide hybrid beam light bar offers a 10 year warranty and different finishes and trim colour options so you can make the light look the way you want it to.

This light bar can also be connected up using the new Ultima Connect+ controller but in keeping with the classical look and feel for the old Coaster I chose to stick with the high beam stalk and an isolation switch to operate the light bar.

I know many of you like to read up on the spec’s so here they are if you want them.


CURRENT DRAW               24A / 30A boost

POWER 325W / 390W (boost)

LEDs       38

LUMENS              16500lm/18350lm (boost)

OPERATING TEMPERATURE          -40°C to 60°C


WEIGHT                2.8kg ±10%

OTHER  Beam width: 65m

In closing

So, once again Narva has come up with another great light option. Now, I know whether I’m in our Prado or in the Coaster I’ll be able to see the road and any dangers that may present themselves, hopefully in time to avoid them.

You might be a round type driving light person or more of a light bar person, or even both but I reckon the next time you’re looking to change up take a look at Narva driving lights and like me, you won’t be disappointed. As soon as I can get the bus registered I’ll upload a vid on our YouTube channel showing the light bar in action.

To browse Narva lights click this link to take you there, cheers

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