About time: The Bali Blog You Had to Have

Yes, we know. We’ve been slack. There are numerous excuses. I won’t bother listing them…
Oh ok. Maybe I will.
1. The firewall/virus checker thingy on Gary’s tablet won’t let you upload pictures to the blog easily.

2. The thesis. (Don’t ask. Please.)

3. Rainbow Valley AGM

4. Managing people and parks

Anyway. Here’s a bit of the blah blah from Bali. It seems like a long time ago that we went now. For those of you who’ve forgotten, we went in early April because I didn’t want to be in country from my 40th bithday. It was Gary’s first time in a non-first world country. Although we went to Bali we did not:
1. Go to Kuta

2. Go to a resort

3. Go to a beach
Why?!? Cos we just have to be different.
We went to Ubud, which is about 60km north-west of Denpasar, and up in the highlands. We stayed at Ananda Cottages, where I’ve stayed three times before. (It also makes it easy that I can speak Indonesian).
So here we are. This is Ananda Cottages. Well, part of it. This is the building we stayed in. Our first room was downstairs. It was way too big and I was viciously attacked by mozzies. So we moved upstairs in the same building to a room with a mozzie net. Please note that Gary got not one mozzie bite!

Ananda Cottages is about 2 km up the hill from Ubud in Campuhan (pronounced champ-U-wan). It’s set amongst the rice paddies (sawah) and is landscaped in such a way that it’s private and tranquil. Ananda often hosts yoga retreats and teacher trainings, and has its own yoga hall.
Here are a couple of other scenes from around Ananda.

As I don’t want to give you all the low down on our holiday at once, you’re going to have to have it in installments. (Actually, it’s because I’m doing this in my lunchbreak whilst writing my thesis and having a Body Attack launch this afternoon).

So I promise you more on Friday.