About Us

Who are we and how did we decide to start writing about travelling outback Australia?

travel outback australia

Let’s deal with the first question before we get onto the more exciting stuff.

Our names are Gary and Amanda and we live in the centre of the Outback, Alice Springs.

We live and breathe the outback in our jobs and in our leisure time.

We met through our jobs and had so many things in common it wasn’t a hard decision to get together.

Our love of the bush and travelling to remote places has seen us camp in some of the most amazing places outback Australia has to offer.

What do We Do?

When we say that ‘we live and breathe the outback‘ we really mean it!

Not only do we live in Alice Springs -the capital of the outback- we really do all the things we write about here.

We have VERY unique jobs which take us out camping, 4WDing right into the heart (and heat!) of the outback.

Gary is a district ranger who oversees the management of a group of parks west of Alice Springs including the majestic Watarrka-Kings Canyon National Park, Finke Gorge-Palm Valley National Park, and the iconic West MacDonnell National Park.

He helps to make sure that visitors have lots to do and are safe in our parks but also looks after the flora and fauna too.

Amanda is an anthropologist and archaeologist, formerly employed by NT Parks and Wildlife and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (the Sacred Sites Authority), who now runs her own cultural heritage management business.

Working with Aboroiginal Elders in Central Australia

She travels all over outback Australia, working with Aboriginal Elders to protect their cultural heritage and sacred sites.

How did we decide to start writing about outback Australia?

It wasn’t a hard decision.

What we do everyday in our jobs means that we have a wealth of knowledge to share.

We figured that not only we could we pass on our knowledge, we might be able to help make your Outback experience more fulfilling and something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

We also realised that we could help people to see the outback without it being too scary OR expensive – we’ve got lots and lots of tips to share!

What’s more: we’ve worked with a lot of wonderful Aboriginal people across the Territory and we hope to share some of this experience with you also. Learning about Aboriginal culture is one of the main reasons that many people visit the outback.

Both of us use 4wds in our work and in play so we hope to add into our pages information that will not only make it safe but also to know how and what you are doing.

Toyota troop carriers are what Amanda drives in her work. Note the swags on the roof!

We really believe that the Outback is such an amazing place, like nowhere else on Earth, and once you’ve been here, it keeps on drawing you back, time after time.

In our travels, what we find so totally absorbing is the feeling of isolation and the sense of being in the middle of nowhere, sometimes thousands of kilometers from home.

And yet, you can still find people -fellow travellers- who have ventured forth seeking adventure. You get together round a campfire with and make enduring friendships.

A trip is just as much about the planning and building anticipation as it is about the actual journey. Whether or not you come from a city or a small country town you will be stunned by what you will find as you travel outback Australia.