Ayers Rock Budget Hotels

Are there any Ayers Rock budget hotels?

Search online for ‘cheap hotels at Ayers Rock, and you’ll find plenty of websites claiming to offer Ayer Rock budget hotels.

So, although we’ve written this page to help you find the best budget hotel to suit your pocket, we thought we’d better warn you first up that budget options are very limited.

The truth is that accommodation at Ayers Rock is expensive.

There are no ‘cheap’ hotels.

There are three options for budget hotels at Ayers Rock, if you don’t want to camp:

We’ve stayed at them all over the past 15 years on several occasions, so we can speak from first hand experience.

If you’ve stayed at any of these places, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and share your experiences.

Outback Pioneer Lodge

The cheapest of hotels at Uluru is the Outback Pioneer Lodge.

This is the closest thing to a backpacker’s hostel you’ll find at Ayers Rock. The Outback Pioneer Lodge is located in the same complex as the Outback Pioneer hotel.

If you’re travelling alone and want to save money on accommodation at Ayers Rock, this is place to stay.

The Outback Pioneer Lodge is clean, well maintained, has full shared kitchen facilities and is also close to Uluru’s cheapest restaurants and a bar with a feel-good, friendly atmosphere.

Two styles of accommodation are available, either in twenty bed, single-sex dormitories or four bed mixed dormitories. All rooms have shared bathroom facilities.

Rates start at $37-$45 per person – so yes, it’s expensive for a backpacker’s.

Ayers Rock budget hotels, Outback Pioneer Lodge

However, when you consider that the rooms at the Outback Pioneer Hotel (see below) without a bathroom are near 4 times the price, it’s a bargain!

The only drawback? The Outback Lodge is located about 10 minutes walk away from the main part of Yulara – where the shops and other restaurants are.

You can catch the free shuttle across, but really, why bother? Take the easy walk through the sand dunes and spinifex and stretch your legs! After all, you’ve probably been sitting down in a bus or car for the past 4 or 5 hours.

Read more reviews and get rates for the Outback Pioneer Lodge.

Cabins and Village Tents at Ayers Rock Campground

Ayers Rock budget hotels, cabin Ayers Rock campground

Ok. They aren’t really a hotel, but the Ayers Rock Campground’s cabins are a great money-saving option if you’re travelling with a group of friends – but be warned!

They book out very quickly! We recommend booking several weeks ahead.

The cabins have 2 bedrooms, with linen, a small kitchen and utensils, microwave, refrigerator and television. Each cabin sleeps up to 6 people.

Ayers Rock budget hotels, Ayers Rock campground

There’s one double bed in one bedroom, and 2 sets of single bunk beds in the second bedroom.

The nightly rate for a cabin all year round is $150 per cabin.

If there’s six of you, this means you can pay as little as $25 per night, making this the cheapest, non-camping accommodation at the Rock!

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Outback Pioneer Hotel

Ayers Rock budget hotels, Outback Pioneer hotel, uluru

The Outback Pioneer Hotel is often billed as ‘the’ Ayers Rock budget hotel.

Compared to Sails in the Desert, it is indeed cheaper. But compared with similar (or better) accommodation in Alice Springs or elsewhere, it’s outrageously overpriced.

In truth, most rooms at the Outback Pioneer Hotel are very ordinary motel rooms. Some of them look out towards Uluru – others don’t.

The cheapest rooms at the Outback Pioneer are true hotel rooms: they don’t have a bathroom.

There are three kinds of rooms available here: budget without bathroom, budget with bathroom and standard.

  • A budget room without a bathroom will cost you almost $200 per night in the summer season. In the peak tourist season (July) could cost you up to $280!
  • A budget room with a bathroom (thank goodness, I was busting for a leak!) will cost you $225 in the summer, or $260 during the peak season.
  • Now, I hope you’re sitting down. A standard room -yes, it has a bathroom- will set you back $330 per night during summer and $440 per night during winter.

I (Amanda) have stayed at the Outback Pioneer MANY times whilst working in and around Uluru, or whilst on my way to Western Australia.

To be brutally honest, the standard rooms in the Outback Pioneer are at best a 3 1/2 star MOTEL.

That being said, I’ve always found the rooms to be spotlessly clean and the curtains are block out curtains which ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

There are two things to be aware of:

  • The Outback Pioneer’s car park, like many of the carparks at Ayers Rock Resort, can often be a long way away from from your room.
  • Second, AVOID staying in the rooms adjacent to Perentie Road through the June-July school holidays, The noise from screeching teenagers can be at times painful, especially if you need to get up early.

Read more reviews and get rates for the Outback Pioneer Hotel.

Whilst we’ve talked about budget hotels on this page, there’s other accommodation options at Ayers Rock.

If you don’t mind paying a few hundred dollars per night for accommodation, we recommend a visit to our Ayers Rock Hotels page.

If money is no object, then visit our Ayers Rock Luxury Accommodation page.

We’d love to know your thoughts on the budget accommodation at Uluru we’ve written about on this page

Your experiences will help other people, so please leave an honest review in the comments section below. Whether it’s good or bad news, we’d love to know.


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