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Looking for Ayers Rock Hotels?

Confused about why they’re all so expensive, and which one will suit you?

The aim of this page is to give you an honest, Outback local’s opinion of what’s good value for money, what sucks and what accommodation at Ayers Rock is really like.

Over the years, we’ve stayed at all of the hotels listed on this page several times.

The hotels listed here are ‘mid-range’ accommodation options at Uluru.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to take at least $400 per night with you to stay in most of the hotels on this page.

Emu Walk Apartments

Emu Walk Apartments is our favourite place to stay at Ayers Rock.

Emu Walk is the only self-contained accommodation in Yulara – apart from the cabins in the campground.

The apartments started life as accommodation for resort staff.

As a result, they are especially spacious, with a living room, a surprisingly large kitchen and separate bedrooms. We are not kidding – the kitchens are huge!

We think the rooms at Emu Walk are about 10 times better better than those at Desert Gardens – even though you’re paying about the same price.

Ayers Rock hotel, Emu Walk Apartments, uluru

They don’t have the incredible view of the Rock like some of those at Desert Gardens, however. If you’re lucky, you get a view of a sand dune and Yulara’s communications tower!

However, Emu Walk is located centrally, just a short (2-3 min) walk from Yulara’s main shopping area.

The only bad thing about Emu Walk Apartments is the parking. It really sucks!

You have to park some distance away in the main resort carpark and cart your luggage up several (short) flights of stairs. If you’ve got lots of heavy luggage, this will be very annoying!

Rates at Emu Walk Apartments start at $398 (summer) and go up to $598 (July- August).

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The Lost Camel Hotel

The Lost Camel Hotel offers motel-style studio rooms, with modern architectural design.

Ayers Rock Hotels, THe Lost Camel, Uluru

All of the rooms sleep only two people. The rooms are very trendy – but really, they’re just nicely decorated motel rooms – and they tend to be a bit pokey!

All rooms have coffee and tea making facilities, but unfortunately, no kitchen.

The Lost Camel used to have an amazing $45 all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, but sadly, this is long gone.

Instead, it has a particularly chilled out bar which we can thoroughly recommend for post-Rock debriefings over beer and wine.

Ayers Rock hotels, The Lost Camel, Uluru

The hotel is located about 5 minutes walk away from Yulara’s main shopping area, set between Desert Gardens Hotel and Emu Walk Apartments.

Rates start at $330 per night in the summer season, and climb to $440 per night in the peak winter season.

The Lost Camel is one of three Ayers Rock hotels that suffer from the same very poor parking problem!

You have to park your car in the main resort carpark and wrestle it up numerous flights of stairs.

All we can say about this is: What Were They Thinking?

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Desert Gardens Hotel

The Desert Gardens Hotel is the Ayers Rock Hotel that has the best sunset and sunrise views of Uluru. Just imagine sitting on your hotel balcony, looking at this:

Ayers Rock Hotels, Desert Gardens Hotel, Uluru

Deluxe rooms at the Desert Gardens Hotel are ordinary -even if they’ve got king beds (or two double beds), a private balcony or court yard. Note that they don’t have a self-contained kitchen.

A view of the rock comes at a price. Deluxe Room rates with a view of the rock start at $490 per night (summer) and are $598 in peak season (July-August).

Standard rooms are set in the hotel’s gardens, and have various bed configurations. Like the deluxe rooms, the standard rooms don’t have a kitchen, either.

Standard rooms start at $390 (summer), and are $498 during peak season (July- August).

However, the rooms are nothing to get excited about:

Ayers Rock Hotels, Desert Gardens, Uluru

The hotel has a pool and a restaurant (which we’ve never eaten at!).

It’s a bit of a walk (about 10min) from Desert Gardens back to the main shopping area of Yulara where the bank, supermarket and other retail outlets are located.

And once again, the parking at the hotel sucks. You have to park a long way away and haul your luggage!

Whilst the Desert Gardens Hotel bills itself as 4 and a half star ‘luxury’, we disagree that it’s true ‘luxury’ accommodation. Really, the rooms are just very nice, large motel rooms. What you’re paying for is the million dollar view.

Unforunately, we’ve heard pleanty of reports about the rooms being dirty at various times, and of the staff being unfriendly and unhelpful. Whilst we haven’t experienced this, plenty of other people have.

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We’ve talked about Ayers Rock hotels on this page, but there’s other accommodation options at Ayers Rock.

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Have you stayed in any of the hotels at Ayers Rock listed on this page?

If so, then you can help other people out by leaving an honest review in the comments section below. Good, bad and ugly, we’d love to know.

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