Bali Blah Part III

Following the excitement of the Monkey Forest, we got very brave in the Bali traffic and went up to Tampaksiring (about 18km north of Ubud). We decided to visit the water temples there called Tirta Empul. The spring from which the water flows is sacred, and is believed to have magical and spiritual cleansing properties. You can go for a cleansing bath to rid yourself of your sins and misdemeanors in one of the 9 temples there, but Gary & I wussed out. Instead, we observed local customs, donned saris and did the gawky tourist thing instead.

After Tirta Empul, we were back on the bike and off to the Elephant Cave – Goa Gajah, just down the hill at nearby Gianyar. The cave was discovered in 1923 by Dutch archaeologists and has been dated to the Majapahit period in Bali which is about the 11th Century CE. We were lucky enough to be guided around by an archaeology student called Putuh, who gave us a wonderful extended tour and was almost late for class. Here’s us at the mouth of the Elephant Cave.

And here is the fountain of youth. Which of course we drank from and now are going backwards in age.

Here’s a few more of the river valley around Goa Gajah. You can see the relics have been uncovered and there’s still a fair bit of digging going on. There’s a large archaeological museum and college nearby.

On our way back to the scooter, we came across some boys who wanted us to take their photo. So we did. And we showed them. And they thought it was hilarious.

Here’s a photo of the traffic we were riding around in.

Scooters R Us.

And me at Café. Yes, the café’s name was Café and it quickly became our favourite haunt after every day’s adventure. Ok. And before everyday’s adventure, too.

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