BMPRO BatteryCharge15

So you’re looking for a battery charger? These days there are so many battery chemistry types, eg AGM/Gel, Wet, Calcium, LiFeP04, we need to make sure we get the right charger for the job, enter the BMPRO BatteryCharge15.

BMPRO Battery Charge 15

In my shed I have motorbikes, boats, cars and 4WDs and along with that comes a range of battery types and sizes. Sometimes, usually after lack of use, one of these will need a recharge to keep them in shape.

I was looking for a charger that offered this variability and came across the BMPRO BatteryCharge15.

I’ve always had an old Arlec charger that simply charged what I connected it to but today, in this high tech world of progress, I found I needed to upgrade to keep up with different chemistry types.

BMPRO BatteryCharge15

I should say from the outset that two models are available, the BMPRO BatteryCharge15 (BC15) and the BMPRO BatteryCharge25 (BC25). We’ll be looking at the BC15 model in this post.

The BMPRO BatteryCharge15 is an automatic 12v 7 stage charger. Apart from so called “intelligent charging” this charger should increase your batteries life and performance by charging it as required by your batteries chemistry.

Let’s look at the unit. If we look at the top panel you can see a row of six battery indicators which display the stage of the charging cycle. The very first LED may display red if a fault occurs (see below).

BMPRO Battery Charge 15

Below that you can see a row of battery chemistry LEDs that can be selected using the red button. Underneath this is a row of three LEDs which display choice of motorbike, car or 4wd/small truck, which again, can be selected using the red button adjacent.

Using the BMPRO BatteryCharge15

Firstly, if applicable, check the electrolyte levels keeping in mind these days many batteries are maintenance free in this respect.

  1. Connect the power lead to 240v
  2. Select the battery chemistry type according to your battery type (check manufacturer’s details)
  3. Set the charge rate according to your vehicle type
  4. Connect to the battery, red clamp onto the positive terminal, then black clamp to the negative terminal

During charging each stage of the six battery symbols will flash, glow and then move onto the next one. When all of the six LEDs glow steadily the charging process has entered the float stage, ie fully charged, and can remain this way until disconnected with no damage to the battery or charger.

If however the first LED glows red there is some kind of fault. Look up any faults in the guide that comes with the charger.

BMPRO Battery CHarge 15 User Manual

To disconnect, turn off mains power, disconnect the negative clamp before removing the positive clamp.

NOTE: If you’re charging a battery installed in a vehicle connect the positive clamp first, then the negative to the vehicle chassis before turning on 240v. Once charged turn off power, remove the negative and then positive terminals.

This is not meant to be comprehensive, should you buy one of these or any other unit please read the manufacturer’s user manual.

Pretty simple heh?

I used the BMPRO BatteryCharge15 on my ute battery and then topped up my auxiliary battery in my 4WD and both times the charge cycle executed its task perfectly. I was also able to see at what stage the cycle was at whenever I checked in to see how it was going.

BMPRO Battery Charge 15

Features of the BMPRO BatteryCharge15

  • Multi Chemistry AGM/Gel. Wet, Calcium, LiFeP04
  • Power supply mode (not tested in this review)
  • Polarity Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Cooling Fan


The BMPRO BatteryCharge15 is easy to use, has a small form factor and can be used for most modern battery chemistry types that are generally used today. The unit doesn’t feel tinny and the clamps are relatively solid compared to others on the market.

The unit is made in Australia and can be purchased from BMPRO.

For further info on BMPRO products, such as the BC25 you can go here.

The BMPRO BatteryCharge15 was supplied by BMPRO.


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