Boys and their toys….need I say more?

You have probably already read the story below about my toys, but c’mon give me a break. Women buy clothes, shoes, go get a makeover, want a tummy tuck or Botox this or that…hell, guys have to have something to spend their hard earned cash on … and we’re not about to do any of things above.

So after a day of spending money (a lot of money) on getting my mid life crisis, I mean my flash red sports car, registered and back on the road I was somewhat stressed. The following day while picking up some spare parts ordered after a crash with another toy, I spied a small, I mean really small, helicopter sitting on a shelf in the hobby shop. Sorry I couldn’t resist, especially after the like minded guy behind the counter offered me a $20 discount.

Ok just kidding this is a real one..

 Ok just kidding this is a real one…


After informing Amanda I had just purchased another toy that I intended to fly in her house, I found that she was somewhat reluctant for me to do so. She was much more agreeable after seeing just how small the wee little chopper really was. So after watching an episode of Dr. Who I took to the air, bouncing off the ground or sometimes the ceiling to raucous laughter about just how cute and funny this little beast was. I mean they say laughter is the best medicine don’t they? This was just the ticket then and although the laughter eventually died as I got better at controlling the little overgrown wasp flying around the room it really had made me forget about spending so much money on the car.


It really is cute, I mean fun…

It really is cute, I mean fun…


So next time somebody has a go at you and your toys just explain to them that they help you manage the stressors of everyday life. Alternatively, just tell them what I normally say: that is I really don’t care what they think about my toys as they make me happy and if that happens to be called a mid life crisis then give me one anytime.

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