Carbon 12K 12000lb Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope

I have finally given in and purchased a CARBON 12K 12000LB ELECTRIC  winch for our 4WD.

Carbon 12k Electric Winch

After driving around for the last 20 years (bar a short stint in the Tropics) as a park ranger in 4WDs without a winch, I have finally succumbed.

Mostly we didn’t need winches in the Red Centre of the NT as we generally let the tyres down and drove out of the sand. At times when we really got stuck help was just a radio call away so the extra cost of a winch in government cars (apparently) was not warranted.

I did spend a couple of years working in the Katherine region and all of our park vehicles had winches fitted. I didn’t really know why until I got stuck in a wet season storm on black soil plains.

This was not a nice way to spend an afternoon I can tell you, especially when outside help was hundreds of kilometres away. Without a winch it would have been hopeless.

So Why Now?

A lot of our time spent in the outback while researching for website content we find ourselves travelling alone. We always have gear on hand to get ourselves out but this has resulted in time wasted digging when a winch would be much quicker.

If you’re in a group a snatch strap is invaluable and without doubt the quickest way to get mobile again. So, knowing that it was going to be when we’d get stuck without help, rather than if, it finally happened.

Well, recently we got stuck in a creek off the Hay River Track and we were road testing a camper trailer at the time. Made harder because we were towing, we had been digging for quite until we were luckily helped out by members of the Sydney Four Wheel Drive Club who happened upon us, thanks guys!!

I spent early 2018 researching what winch I would put on my vehicle. I wasn’t looking for the cheapest and I certainly couldn’t afford the most expensive winch I could buy.

I looked at the various winches used by adventurers on TV, the mail order winches and then I came across the Carbon Winch made by KPD Industries.

KPD Industries have been in the Australian market now for over 10 years. With this experience they went about designing a winch to suit mainstream 4WD’ers.

Four years or so on after engineering and testing their design the Carbon range of winches has been released and I’m happy to support a small Australian business up against the big corporate companies any time.

Fitting the Winch

The winch comes with all fitting requirements and my ARB bullbar was winch ready so that was a load off my mind (and wallet).

After unpacking the box and laying everything out I was able to see where everything fitted. Laying on a trolley I was able to lift the winch unaided into place above a couple of supports and wedge it into place before bolting it into the pre-drilled holes.

Carbon 12k Electric Winch

Once bolted in with the supplied fairlead at the front of the bullbar, I then had to run the cables to and from the unit up to the battery.  After that the control unit had to be fitted to the bullbar.

Carbon 12k Electric Winch

Following the instructions I also connected wires back to the winch and then fitted a breather up into the engine bay. Lastly the tidy up included cable tying all the cables and wires and fitting the rubber boots over terminals.

Yes, I did the install myself but if you don’t feel confident then talk to your supplier about fitting.

Carbon 12k Electric Winch

Features of the Carbon 12k 12000lb Electric Winch

The range of Carbon winches have been designed by KPD Industries to work in our harsh Aussie conditions and is reputed to be fully sealed to resist water, dirt and dust ingress into motor, drum and gearbox mechanisms.

The company provides a NO FUSS WARRANTY which covers the following.

  • 5yr Water Ingress Warranty
  • 5 year electrical warranty on motor / solenoid unit
  • Limited lifetime gear train warranty

So how does the 12k winch compare to other winches you may be looking at?

Well, the Carbon 12k 12000lb Electric Winch has many features for you to look at. For the full range and any other information you might like make sure you go their website here.

The Carbon Winches 12K Winch is a 12000lb line pull winch made to handle off-road use in Australian conditions. The company says it is designed to deliver the best value, reliability and service life for an entry level winch user.

The main features include:

  • 6.2 HP Series Wound motor
  • 216:1 ratio 3 stage planetary gearbox
  • Automatic brake in the motor housing drum plate – (No heat build up on drum)
  • Rotating ring gear freespool clutch assembly which minimises freespool drag and completely eliminates clutch engagement issues.
  • Power in and power out via a plug in hand remote or a wireless remote controller. Remote controller has auto off and failsafe operation features built in. The receiver is fully sealed and impervious to water.
  • 500amp sealed solenoid unit with a 3 position mounting bracket allowing you to mount the control box over the motor, over the drum or remote mounted on the bull bar.

Want the Specifications too?

Part number: CW-12K
Rated line pull: 12000 lbs, (5450 kg) single-line
Motor: 12V DC 6.2HP series wound motor
Remote Control: Remote Switch, 12’ (3.7m) lead.
Wireless Remote Control: Included
Geartrain: 3-Stage Planetary.
Gear Ratio: 216:1
Clutch (freespooling): Rotating Ring Gear
Brake: Full load automatic brake installed in the motor housing end plate. No heat on drum.
Drum Diameter/Length: 2.5’’/8.8’’ (64mm/224mm)
Synthetic Rope: 24m x 10mm diameter
Fairlead: CNC billet alloy black anodised with laser etched logo
Recommended Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10’’ x 4.5’’ ( 254mm x 114.3 )
Winch Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 21.7” x 6.3” x 6.8” (552 x 160 x 172mm )
Packing Dimensions( L x W x H ): 24.2x 14.5′ x 9.8′ ( 615 x 370 x 250mm )
Winch weight with synthetic rope attached: 19.5kg

(Winch weight including synthetic rope, control box complete with cables, mounting bolts & fairlead: 23.45kg)

What do you get in the purchase price?

  • Carbon Winch CW-12K, 24x10mm Synthetic Dyneema Rope
  • Control box, 500A solenoid and battery cables + wireless remote
  • 1 x long black battery cable
  • Hand remote control , plus Plug in
  • CNC Billet Black Plate Hawse Fairlead,  (Laser Etched Carbon Winches)
  • Hardware bag, for mounting winch and fairlead on separate fairlead mount. Two extra long winch mounting bolts for mounting fairlead to winch mounts.
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Carbon Winch Hook
  • Red Hook strap
  • 10Ton Snatch block (now replaced by winch isolator kit to cut costs of freight by market demand)

Carbon 12k Electric Winch

I’m yet to test the winch in the field but I’ll be sure to do another post when I’ve had the chance to test it out!

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