Are you happy with your 4×4 insurance? Over the years I’ve had many vehicle insurance policies with many different companies and I have to say I haven’t always been happy with the product.

Luckily, I haven’t had to make a claim for well over 20 years.

Recently I received my latest renewal in the mail and I got to thinking. All too often you hear more about the bad stories, how insurance companies try to avoid paying out when somebody makes a claim or not paying out the full value that you think you’re entitled to.

Afterall insurance premiums aren’t cheap, especially if you’ve just spent thousands setting up your vehicle. What’s important is that you want to be certain that your pride and joy is covered in the event of an incident.

How often have you talked to a prospective insurer and felt that they didn’t really care about you and your vehicle? Or that they were only interested in getting you to sign up and take your money?

I subscribe to a diverse range of travel based magazines, be they about 4wds, gear or other products and one company that was continually coming up in my reading  was Club 4X4 Insurance.

Photo courtesy of Club 4X4

Club 4X4

So I did a bit more research, on forums and on the company’s website, to see what they offered and how they went about business. I found out that this isn’t a company who sits behind a glass window on a telephone just taking your hard earnt dollars.

They live and breathe the same things that we four wheel drivers experience. They have 4x4s themselves, they travel, they fit out their vehicles and they understand what accessories we fit to our vehicles.

Club 4X4 also contribute to the community by supporting charity events and attending the many caravan and camping shows across the country. This I thought was well worth following up on especially given the stated motto, “Insurance for 4×4 enthusiasts” is something the company hangs its laurels on.

Online Quotes

Without anything to lose I decided to get an online quote from Club 4X4’s website. It’s an easy enough process and you simply go through the questions, tick some boxes and submit.

Market and Agreed Value

It is important  to understand the difference between market, agreed and Club 4X4 value. You can get a full run down of this here.

In short, market value is a determination based upon age, average kilometres for a particular vehicle and what the market is prepared to pay at the time of any claim.

An agreed value is just that. You and Club 4X4 agree to a value based on what you both agree the vehicle and your accessories to be worth.

Don’t agree with their valuation

Do you think your car is worth more than what they say? If you answer yes then get on the phone and talk to them.

If you really think you have something outside the box they will be happy to look at whatever you’ve got and work out a realistic value.

The guys at Club 4X4 say that a key difference with their insurance policies is the way they can work with you to value your vehicle.



So as you can see it’s important to sit down and think about the value of not only your vehicle but also all the accessories fitted.

You also get basic cover for roadside assistance but if you travel the outback like we do you can also add to that to make sure you’re covered for offroad recovery in the event of breakdown in remote locations.

It’s all too easy to chase low premiums but don’t sell yourself short and find out later you underquoted.

How Did We go?

Once we completed the online form and submitted it I was able to see what the quote was and, in my case, to say that I was surprised was an understatement. I expected a much higher figure and, given that I put forth an agreed price with all my accessories fitted, I was ready to hit the go ahead button!

In a world full of negative experiences I found my experience with Club 4X4 to be very positive, so much so, that we took out insurance with Club 4X4.

So why not give them a go and get the insurance and peace of mind you need for your travels.


  • Peter Groot says:

    Hi Team,
    Yes, I was like you. I have a 4WD and like to travel around the bush and got a quote and insured with Club4X4. I also thought of supporting the 4WD community. The next year, the premium went up (CPI and all that) and I insured with them again. I also insured my Off Road caravan with them.
    This year I got my renewal documents for the 4WD and the premiums went up $125 !! Now, I do not do Tele Tracks or deep water crossings or rock wall climbing. Mainly gazetted dirt roads and no Simpson dessert tracks either.
    I have had no insurance claims for I can not remember, but well over 35 years.
    I emailed them for an explanation, twice!! No answer!! They obviously do not want my business. If that is how they treat their customers, I hate to have to deal with them when I do have a claim. I have got some other quotes, and I will affect insurance with another company. At this rate they will also loose the caravan insurance.
    Well, that is my experience with Club4X4!
    Kind regards,

    • Gary says:

      Hi Peter, obviously we cannot answer for Club4x4 and they really are the ones you should talk to. Have you tried calling them rather than emailing them? I always find it easier to do it this way. I have just called them myself to renew my policy as I noticed the policy fee had doubled this year. From my perspective though they are really the ones that offer the best agreed coverage on all accessories fitted. Some other companies will only give an agreed value on the actual car and not everything fitted. Anyway, thanks for your comments, we always appreciate them coming through. Gary

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