Eco Billy Review

I recently got hold of an Eco Billy. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about here is our Eco Billy Review.

In short it’s a handmade stainless steel billy which uses a fire in its belly to heat water.

Eco Billy

I look with both surprise and curiosity when I see outback travellers with expensive electric setups in their 4wds. They have batteries totalling many Ah and inverters to run all sorts of mod cons and really, I just ask why?

Each to their own I guess but are we camping or glamping? Have we really got to the point where everything must be produced using energy rather than using what nature can provide us?

Here is something that is easy to use, takes up little space and personally just adds to the camping experience.

Two Sizes Available

There are two sizes of Eco Billy available, a 700ml or a 1.5L, enough for a couple of cups or five.

I got the 1.5 litre Eco Billy because you never know when a few friends might be tagging along for the ride.

The Eco Billy is designed to boil water using fuel such as leaves, twigs or even paper. A couple of handfuls of leaves, twigs etc will be able to boil water in a few minutes.

Using the Eco Billy

Firstly, clear a small area so you don’t start any larger fires.

As a first time user I didn’t use enough fuel. I also put a pile of twigs on the ground rather than filling the inner cone with fuel before standing the Eco Billy on the ground.

It pays sometimes to read the instructions.

You can then add the water and light the fuel through the holes in the bottom of the billy. Make sure you don’t light the fire without water in the Eco Billy.

If your fuel is burning out too quickly you can load some more down the central flue to keep it going until the water boils. Once it boils you can pour the water out using the pouring hole into your cup(s).

Easy. Oh, and remember to extinguish any remaining fire before you leave.

You can also purchase a padded bag in which you can store your Eco Billy. As most of the burning occurs inside the billy the outside stays quite clean.

All you need do is allow the Eco Billy to cool down then store back into your vehicle.


Dimensions: 16cm x 29cm  

Weight: 1.1kgs approx., lightweight stainless steel

Eco Billy’s are all handmade. Sizing may vary due to this but any small imperfections will not affect the use of the Eco Billy 

Where can you get one? You can purchase online at Rod’s Country Camping Gear or in good camping stores.

Eco Billy supplied by Rod’s Country Camping Gear.