The Capture Pro camera bracket came about after its American designer spent 3 months travelling the world and realised he needed “a little thingy-dingy for carrying cameras”. A little while ago I was offered the chance to take a look at this new camera bracket that made putting your camera down, when you needed to use your hands, redundant.

So with a little help from crowdfunding through Kickstarter the founder of the company Peak Design, set about designing camera clips, amongst other things. The Capture Pro is now their flagship product for carrying cameras.

If you want to take a look at the video below you can see me explaining how it works.

The clip is made out of aluminium and can attach to a backpack strap, belt or shoulder bag. It appears to be durable and comes with a small pouch to keep it protected when not in use. Along with the clip comes a smaller bracket that attaches to the tripod screw in the hole on the base of your camera; a small Allen key comes with it to tighten this screw. This clip can remain attached and be used as a tripod mount when not attaching to the Capture Pro.

Capture Pro

There is a small thumbscrew on either face of the bracket, which when loosened allows one side of the bracket to swivel. This allows the backpack strap, belt or strap to fit into the bracket and then be retained once the swivel is returned and the thumbscrews tightened.

On one side is a small red button, this is to release the camera/plate once inserted into the Capture Pro. To lock the camera into place to avoid accidental release simply turn the button 90 degrees and the camera cannot fall out.

At the opposite end of the Capture Pro is another small thumbscrew. This is a tensioner that removes any play in the assembly once the two pieces are together. Basically it stops everything from rattling.

Ease of use

So it’s easy, out of the packet, attach the small red sided bracket to the base of your camera, using the Allen key if necessary. Open the Capture Pro bracket using the two thumbscrews, swivel one side away and place it over whatever strap you wish to attach it to. Grab your camera and clip it into place.

To remove your camera push the red button to release. If you want to lock the camera onto the bracket rotate the red button 90 degrees. If you want to tighten everything up use the smaller screw on one end of the bracket.

Capture Pro

It really is easy to use and I can think of so many times when I’ve had to put my camera down, sometimes when I hadn’t really wanted to, so I could use my hands to do something else.

I only wish I’d had a Capture Pro since we started Travel Outback Australia. I’d highly recommend this product and I thank the Peak Design guys for giving me the opportunity to review the Capture Pro. Take a look at products by Peak Design here.


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