Gear Review: The Scrubba Washbag

We were approached by the people at THESCRUBBA.COM.AU to review one of their latest products, the Scrubba Washbag.

If you spend a lot of time in the bush, you’ll know that you don’t always have access to a washing machine, especially for those essential items like underwear or your favourite shirt or shorts.

Given that we spend a bit of time on the road, or a track if you’re like us, we thought this little device might be worth a shot. Once we received our Scrubba, it was time to put it to the test.

Here’s what the Scrubba looks like packaged. We were quite surprised how large it was when unboxed.


Once out of the pack the instructions can be found easily on the upper side of the Scrubba.

We decided to test it out using a T-shirt and and buttoned shirt. As it’s all handwashing, I probably wouldn’t put more than a half dozen items in at any one time.



6 Easy Steps

  1. Add water to the appropriate line marked on the side of the Scrubba. How much water you add will depend on how many items you place inside. Then, add some laundry powder and then you’re ready to go.
  2. Roll up and clip the bag together with the sewn in plastic clip.
  3. Lay the bag flat and release trapped air through the built in valve.
  4. Rub with the bottom side down. Depending on how soiled your clothes are, this could be quite quick or it may take a few minutes. Once satisfied that you have rubbed enough undo the clip and drain out the dirty water.
  5. Rinse at least twice with clean water.
  6. Remove your clothes and let them dry.

Sounds easy? Well, it was.

Our Thoughts

So, what did we think?

It’s an easy enough process, it’s quick and you can pack away the Scrubba once done into a small bag. No buckets required here, or mini twin tubs or anything else you might have taken before to wash your clothes.


And yes, it did clean our clothes.

The only thing you really need besides water and laundry power is a flat surface to rub it on. The bonnet of your vehicle or even a camp table would work fine.

We didn’t use a lot of water to do a single wash – around 2 litres.

If you’re holed up somewhere and don’t have access to a laundromat, then the Scrubba is worth a try. It may not suit everyone but it will wash your clothes when they gotten to a point where they want to stand up by themselves!

There are plenty of people who take the kitchen sink when travelling but if you’re like us, you’ll choose to travel as lightly as possible, then the Scrubba might fill the void, and allow you to come up smelling like roses, or laundry powder, in this case.

The Scrubba retails for $64.95 AUD, and also comes in a smaller back pack version.

Thanks to the people at THESCRUBBA.COM.AU for supplying the Scrubba and we hope you find this an interesting product to look into.

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  • Kym says:

    We used one on our 7 week adventure trip through SE Asia. Does the job well but we still tended to use local laundering services for larger items.
    Out of 10? An 8. Ideal for camping and caravning.

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