Hema-desert-atlasHema Maps are the ‘big guns’ when it comes to outback maps in Australia.

They’ve created a wide range of maps, books of maps and now a comprehensive (and somewhat expensive) series of Ipad and Android apps.

Hema maps aren’t as detailed as the incredible Outback Travellers Guides and are larger scales than Westprint (HEMA are generally 1:1 250 000; Westprint Maps are 1: 1000 000).

The HEMA iPad/Android apps allow you to zoom in to larger/lower scales, however, and contains an incredible amount of fine detail.

Hema’s paper maps and guidebooks are most suitable for roadtrippers and general tourists.

If you’re planning a trip up the Oodnadatta Track, and then out on the Stuart Highway to Uluru, and don’t need lots of historical detail or care about where every washout is, then Hema’s maps will be perfect for you.

If you are a serious 4WDer, and are travelling something like the Madigan Line, then I’d go for the Hema Map app, the HX-1, Australian Geoscience topos plus one of the Hema Simpson Desert Maps.

Hema maps give a wide range of details and are loved by most Aussie roadtrippers. They contain:

  • road distances
  • fuel stops
  • supplies and accommodation
  • GPS coordinates
  • info about track conditions
  • tips for driving
  • points of interest
  • notes about history, wildlife and Aboriginal culture

Price range: $8 – $649 (yes, you did read that correctly!)

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