High Sierra Duffel Bag

Do you ever have trouble trying to find the ideal bag for travelling?

As a park ranger overnight stops were frequently part of scheduled patrols through a park somewhere or part of emergency response to accidents or bushfires. Space was often at a premium so I used flexible canvas bags as they could carry their fair share of items and they could mold into other items in the load space, generally the back of a trayback.

Now as I spend more time writing for Travel Outback Australia, my travel is much more varied. I spend a lot of time out bush but occasionally I also need to hop on an airplane to somewhere.

Enter High Sierra. I’ve used one or two of their products in the past, normally backpacks, but when they asked if I could look at one of their new offerings I took the opportunity.

High Sierra supplied me with a wheeled duffel bag, flexible enough just like my old canvas bag, but with a rigid back that encompassed the roller wheels and a handle.

What a brilliant concept, you can still squash it into place but if you have a bit of weight in it then you can roll it along wherever you are off to. Get this though, a set of hidden backpack straps enable you to wear it like a backpack for when you can’t roll it along.

What other features does the High Sierra duffel bag offer?

The main compartment has a large opening, perfect for placing bigger items into the bag. It also has an opening at each end allowing separation of any items you wish.

High Sierra Duffel Bag

The webbing handles are comfortable and the recessed telescoping handle used for dragging the bag along is easy to use and provides a comfortable grip.

Various sizes are available across the range but this one comes in at 76cm long and 35cm wide. It will load out to 38cm deep and is only 3.5kg in weight empty.

So what do I think?

Having just used the bag on a trip spanning some 7000km through three states and unloading it from the car many times, I have come to like this bag a lot. Even with all my stuff inside I have found it easy to carry or roll, depending on the surface encountered.

I stayed in quite a few motels and it is ideal for throwing onto the luggage stands in rooms and it was easy to load and unload into the back of my Prado.

High Sierra Duffel Bag

The bag is well made with strong stitching and extra strengthening where it looks required. I also like the separate compartments so I can put things like charging cords into them so I don’t have to dig around in the main compartment.

If you’re looking for a new bag or other travel gear then I reckon High Sierra is worth a try. You can find full details on this High Sierra duffel bag here.

Our thanks go to High Sierra for supplying the AT Ultimate Access Duffel Bag.

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