Hiking in Australia – An Outback Guide


The Outback offers some of the best hiking trails in Australia

On this page, we share our tips and secrets.

One of the reasons we’re still living in the Outback is because of the incredible walking trails (we Aussies call it ‘bushwalking‘). In fact, bushwalking in the Outback is one of Australia’s best kept, secret tourist attractions.

This might sound like an amazing statement to make.

After all, we hear you say, isn’t Outback Australia a hot, waterless desert?

People don’t really hike in the Outback, do they?

…Yes they do! The Outback is an awesome place to hike and camp!

This is us, standing on top of Mt Zeil. It’s the highest mountain in the Northern Territory.

It’s just one of the little known, challenging hikes you can take in Outback Australia.

Tracks, Trails, Gear & Equipment

Walking in some of the Outback’s remote and wild tourist attractions has been one of the highlights of our lives!

We’ve met people from all over the world who think the same – we’ve found these people mostly on the Larapinta Trail.

The following pages will tell you everything you need to know about walking or tramping in Australia’s Outback:

Larapinta Trail

Even if you’re not into long walks, there’s plenty of shorter walks and trails to make your vacation in Australia even more unique.

Really, walking into remote Outback mountains and gorges is one of the best experiences that life has to offer.

We encourage you to read the pages in this section and learn more about why hiking in the Outback is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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