Holidays, Spam and Moderation


Hello dear readers,

Once upon a time, Spam was tinned ham. That’s right. Spam ham. Comes in a semi-triangular tin with a unique wind-off lid. Loved by campers everywhere and still loved by many proud Central Australians. There’s even recipes for Spam-burgers.

Spam ham is ok stuff. You wouldn’t want to live on it, but every once in a while, it’s fine.

Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of spam I’m talking about. 

I am talking about that kind of stuff that you get in email box, or in our case, in your comments boxes. This morning, I found 39 little messages trying to sell me lots of medicines: anti-biotics, engancers for your love life, stuff to make you thin. (Actually, I’m convinced that one day an entire container load of that stuff beginning with ‘V’ (men use it to get themselves aloft) is going to turn up at my work place and everyone will be walking around, upright and unable to sit down for days!). When I checked the comments again at lunchtime, I found another 11 equally unwanted spams in my ‘awaiting moderation’ box.

I have taken umbrage at this unwarranted attack on our humble little blog.

As a result, I have now taken evasive action. If you are a real person who’d like to post a comment, a trackback or a ping, no problem. You will just have to full in one of those little word tests … and wellah! your comment will be posted immediately.

If you are, however, some piece of javascript or some other little code nasty, TOUGH!!!

And with that, Gadget and I will sign off for a few days. We are leaving for Bowral tomorrow morning and will be driving down. We will be spending Christmas/New Year in NSW, enjoying some cooler weather and some rain. 

I’ll take some photos of our road trip and put them up when I get to Mum & Dad’s.

See you all soon.

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