Honda EU22i

A few years back I purchased an old riverboat on the Murray River and I was lucky enough to obtain a Honda EU20i generator in the sale. It has been ultra reliable and I’ve used it for all sorts of things around our property.

In the not so distant past I also used the little Honda generators in my job as a park ranger so I’ve had a bit of history with them. Again we used them for all sorts of things like powering electric tools out in the bush to powering video projectors used in meetings with traditional owners where no power existed.

I always found them to be relatively quiet, economical and easy to lug around from the back of the tray to wherever we needed to use them.

Travel Outback Australia did a review a while back on the EU20i and our thoughts on that generator haven’t changed.

New model released

Honda has just released an upgraded model known as the EU22i and they asked me to give the new generator a go.

I took the new Honda EU22i on our boat to help run things while away for a recent camping weekend. It powered everything from lights, our fridge when it got cloudy and even the microwave we used to heat up leftovers.

Honda EU22i

The generator is easy to start and operates without intrusive noise making it the ideal way to power up when you haven’t got a 240v power supply handy.

I used the EU22i all weekend and after looking at all the new features we were impressed at how Honda has improved the new  model. I didn’t even go through a tank of fuel!

As I’ve said before we are not big generator users but we know some of our readers are and this generator is built to cater for increased power needs when you’re away camping or simply working in the bush. I also know some people like to take a bit of home with them while camping and we have seen all sorts of things like toasters, kettles and even coffee makers in the outback.

The Honda EU22i doesn’t take up a lot of space and so it is easy to stow in your tray, trailer or storage compartment of your camper or caravan. Weighing in at 21kg it also won’t break your back!

 So what are the features of the new EU22i?

The new EU22i now puts out 2200 watts in total (that’s 200w extra than the EU20i).

It has whisper quiet operation and will run continuously for up to 8 hours on the Eco-Throttle setting.

The recoil starter rope has a metal insert that provides increased product durability and also reduces potential damage to the generator body.

Ventilation is improved by adding new ducts that allow air to move more evenly over internal parts.  This air flow improves the cooling of key components like the inverter.

A new fuel shutoff valve setting allows the engine to continue running until the majority of fuel is consumed and the engine shuts off (this helps prevent stale fuel issues and is also useful for storing generator).

 There are so many other features in this new release that are hard to go by so if you’re looking for a new generator or to upgrade your old one then I wouldn’t be looking too much further than this one.

To see all the specifications on the new Honda EU22i and to find your local Honda dealer, take a look at Honda Power Equipment’s website here.

The Honda EU22i generator was supplied by Honda Power Equipment Australia.

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