Olight Warrior X Turbo

If you’ve been following our page for a while now you’ll know I love my gadgets so when the Olight Warrior X Turbo dropped into my lap I had to check it out.

There are masses of LED lights, torches and other camping style lights out there these days and to be honest, we are spoiled for choice.

I’ve had torches ever since I could walk and grew up with the Dolphin and Mag light style that many of you would know of or have had in your car or camper.

These days however the advent of LEDs in torches has brought above massive increases in intensity but with lower battery use. In many cases gone are the cell style batteries and in are the lithium rechargeable batteries that make it easier to charge from just about any usb plug wherever you find one.

Olight have a massive range of products from headlights to torches and knives so you can just about be sure you’ll find something you’ll love. To check out the range take a look here.

Ok, let’s get down to business, the Olight Warrior X Turbo torch is a compact powerhouse of a torch. It has a claimed 1,100 lumens with a 1000m throw.

Let’s look at the features of this torch:

▶ Powerful For Its Size

The Warrior X Turbo delivers a max output of 1,100 lumens, and a max throw of 1,000 metres.

▶ Long Runtime

Powered by a 5000mAh battery, it enjoys a max runtime of 12.5 hours.

▶ Simple and Aggressive Design

Asserting its tactical identity, the Warrior X Turbo is an ideal light for hunting, search and rescue, law enforcement, and outdoor activities.

▶ Magnetic Remote Pressure Switch

The magnetic tail switch also serves as the connection port for the magnetic charging cable and the magnetic remote pressure switch. Moreover, the tail cap is reshaped to fit the remote pressure switch more securely.

Reality Check

First thing out of the box I had to charge up the battery. The magnetic charging head made charging easy through a minimum 2w usb point. Even though I’ve used it off and on for a couple of days now it is still shining brightly so whether or not it will live up to the 12.5 hour claim time will tell.

The torch can be stowed in the provided holster which you can fit on your belt or via a belt loop clip. The torch itself also has a belt clip if you’re without the holster.

There is also a lanyard if you’re into that style of attachment. At about 160mm long it’s a bit too long for me so I’ll stick with the holster.

It is quite compact and weighs just below 300g but has a solid feel to it. The torch head is about 60mm in diameter and the body of the torch is about 25mm.

So is this the torch for you?

After charging I took the torch outside and tried it in a few different environments. As we were living by the mighty Murray River I had to check out whether or not it would shine all the way across.

It did it easy. The pattern of light produced has a very strong beam of light which penetrates into the darkness but it also has a wide floodlight effect just in front of the torch head which aids in seeing where you are going.

Next, I went out onto the highway near our place and tried (and failed) to find a one kilometre long straight section to try out the claims. It was just a tad over 800m so good enough.

I was impressed as it made the distance easily and while normal eyesight wouldn’t be good enough at night to make out things at that distance, it was really impressive. I have no doubt it would make the claimed 1000m.

On returning back to our house I went for a stroll through our mallee to see how effective the beam was. I have been involved in searches over my career as a ranger so have had some experience in this area.

This torch lit up the area and made “searching” quite easy and with such a small weight, would be easily maintainable over time.

For a bit of an idea check out the video below.


The Olight Warrior X Turbo is an impressive bit of kit and will be part of my kit as I return to rangering in the near future.

The only thing I didn’t like was the fixed focal length as I reckon being able to focus in/out would be beneficial. The on/off button is on the end of the torch so you may need to watch for accidental operation but to minimise this you can undo the end ring a quarter turn to disengage the switch.

The light head did generate heat but as with most LEDs it is lightly finned to allow heat dissipation. The long run time too is an absolute bonus as is the myriad of different applications this torch can be used for.

So there you go, I hope this gives an idea of how well I think the torch performed. I always like to see how long the battery longevity is so I’ll provide an update down the track if I don’t think it lives up to expectations.

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Olight Australia provided the Warrior X Turbo for this review.

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