After a big bush trip, I’m back and I’ll be updating the blog with my latest adventure this week. To everyone who’s commented on the Podcast blog, thank you. I will get back to you and follow up your suggestions. Right now though, it’s great to be sleeping in my own bed again.

BTW. Kylie and Phil had a baby girl (Abbey) last Monday. Check out their blog on the blogroll.



  • Symo says:

    You’re back – I was forced to have dinner with your supporting cast instead of the star!

  • Jamie says:

    HI there,

    Great report on Mt Zeil climb!.. (wish I’d seen it beforehand!) Just thought we’d let you know 8 dads and their lads headed to and climbed it (well, 7 out of 8) including my 10 year old Lad Tommy!

    Can you tell me if you know.. what is the youngest conqueror?

    Cheers, Jamie

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