In a sea of jump starters on the market it’s hard to find the one you’re looking for. The iTech2000A multifunctional jump starter stands out from many others that I have both tried and purchased.

What’s the difference between this jump starter and others? This one actually works!

I purchased a generic Chinese manufactured jump starter a few years back and was disappointed. If I’m being totally honest, the only thing it’s useful for is charging some of my devices.

When I got hold of one of the new iTechworld 2000A jump starters I’ve also got to admit I was sceptical. This device is designed and developed in Australia and is made using Australian lithium.


Yes, they are put together overseas but I’m assured that the quality control is done in Perth by the company. I can’t help think that this thing called globalisation has taken away manufacturing in Australia but that is another story.

So what makes the iTech2000A different from other starters?

For a start, no pun intended, this unit has 2000CCA (cold cranking amps) or 20000mAh of charging capacity. I used the jump starter on small quad bikes up to a massive 6.8L John Deere tree shaker I found down the road from me.

After trying this out on this tractor I fully believe the companies claim on starting any diesel motor up to 8L in capacity.

It also charges your USB devices like phones, either via a cable or the built in QI function. It even has a LED flashlight with torch, SOS and strobe modes.

I found the iTech2000A multifunctional jump starter very easy to use. The supplied instructions are easy to follow and comes with all the cables required.

The device comes in a padded hard case to keep everything together and is easily stowable.

If you’re a traveller who takes a bit of electronic stuff with you then this is a great accessory. It’s small enough to fit in your kit and will help you out when (or if) your car battery decides to give you trouble.

I have to say that I’m really impressed with this device. It’s not often that you can buy something like this and it actually does everything it claims.

The company, iTechworld, is based in Perth and also manufactures other items like Lithium batteries, solar panels and generators. You can find their other products here.

Features as supplied by iTechworld

  • Start a flat battery of any petrol or diesel vehicle (up to 8.0l for diesel)
  • New LCD intelligent clamps provide short circuit protection, over discharge protection and over charge protection. It has reverse polarity protection and reverse charge protection.
  • iTechworld have taken out a 2 million dollar worldwide insurance policy on the product.
  • Full 12 month warranty.
  • The iTECH2000A also has a powerful Lithium-ion polymer battery. This gives you a 20000mAh battery which makes it a backup power storage device all rolled together in one product.
  • The iTECH2000A also allows you to run your 12v fridge, 12v TV, 12v LED lights directly from the device and at the same time. You can also charge your phone, tablet, camera or other wireless and USB devises.
  • The iTECH2000A has one QC 3.0 USB, a normal port and even has a bright LED torch. At no extra cost, iTechworld include the fittings and adapters to run your 12v equipment and to charge smart devices.
  • In real world terms, this means you can plug your small 12v fridge directly into the iTECH2000A and run it for several hours before any recharge is required. Now that’s some serious power from a product that is so compact, lightweight and easy to store in your glove box.
  • The iTECH2000A can hold its charge for up to 6 months, meaning it can sit idle in your glove box ready for action. By using the LCD battery level indicator button, you can quickly see from the LED display if it needs to be recharged. You can easily recharge the iTECH2000A on 12v with a cigarette lighter adapter or 240v included in the kit.

You can find all the technical info here.

The iTech2000A multifunctional jump starter was supplied by iTechworld in Perth.

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