Lake Eyre Flights

Lake Eyre Flights: the best way to see Australia’s largest inland lake

When you’re on the ground at Lake Eyre, it’s hard to put into perspective just how big the lake really is.

Lake Eyre flights, scenic flights over Lake Eyre, Lake Eyre, Australia

But if you take a scenic Lake Eyre flight, you’ll understand just how big and magnificent this outback wonder really is.

If you don’t have a 4WD or don’t have a lot of time to spare, then flights over Lake Eyre will be a great option for you.

Lake Eyre has significant water based on seasonal rain but always check to see when is a great time to visit and take a flight.

This page will show you what a Lake Eyre flight is really like and give you tips and links for where to book your very own flight.

What is a Flight Like?

All Lake Eyre flights are made in light planes, such as Cessna 172s, 207s, 210s and Australian made GA-8 Airvans (these seat 7 passengers).

A typical scenic flight over Lake Eyre lasts 1- 2 hours. You’ll be treated to some spectacular views of the lake that you will never forget.

Check out this slideshow made by our friends Simon and Leanne, ex rangers from the NT.

Lake Eyrefree slideshow maker with music

Wouldn’t you love to do that?

You’ve probably heard that Australia’s air safety record is the best in the world.

All the tour operators we recommend below are highly experienced and have planes that are required to meet the world’s best air safety standards.

Tours From The Outback

Make sure you book your Lake Eyre flights in advance to avoid disappointment.

We have sometimes counted 15 airplanes there in mid-April which is a lot for a tiny speck on the map in the middle of the outback.

If you’re travelling the Oodnadatta Track, at Marree, Birdsville or Coober Pedy, then you’ll find that you’ve got quite a few different tour operators to choose from.

Williams Creek – Wrights Air

They fly directly out of William Creek and Marree but pick ups can also be arranged out of Coober Pedy.

They have 1 hour tours starting from $285 pp. They’ve been flying out of William Creek for years and we recommend that you try them first if travelling up the Track.

You can call them on (08) 8670 7962 , or book online here

Marree Roadhouse

The AMAZING Lyall Oldfield at the Marree Roadhouse (he is a champion!!) also has flights to Lake Eyre.

You can choose between a 1 hour up to a 3 hour flight, ex-Marree.

The Marree Roadhouse provides expert local advice and hospitality.

The Marree roadhouse and caravan park have new airplanes to help fill the demand for flights over Lake Eyre! Lyall the owner has been providing flights over Lake Eyre since 1987 and is now happy to be able to offer flights out of Marree year round, with a 2hr flight over Lake Eyre south and north, the Marree man, the dog fence, local stations and the township of Marree.

Lake Eyre flights

You can also visit their Facebook page Marree Lake Eyre flights for more info and pricing.

Call the Oasis Cafe at the Marree Outback Roadhouse on (08) 8675 8352 if you prefer to talk to someone!

From Wilpena Pound/Flinders Ranges

Wrights Air also flies to Lake Eyre from Wilpena.

Planes fly out of Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges, so flights are a little more expensive, but the location may suit your plans better.

Call them on: (08) 8670 7962

Visit their website here.

From Port Augusta

Arid Air is a scenic flight, tour and charter company that operates out of Port Augusta, SA and Birdsville, QLD. They specialise in personalised flights and tours throughout outback South Australia and Queensland.

Arid Air offer a unique outback experience in specialised high wing aircraft where everyone gets a window seat.  They offer scenic flights from a few hours up to a full day.

Arid Air

Tours range from 1 day to several days, all of which can be tailored to suit customers needs and budget. Professional pilots use their extensive local knowledge and provide in-depth commentary on all aspects of the vast outback along the way. Arid Air provide a personalised service right from the time you book.

Full day scenic flights offer an opportunity to explore the vast outback of South Australia and South Western Queensland. Tours depart from both Port Augusta and Birdsville, with the main focus on Kati -Thanda (Lake Eyre).

Our tours will show you much more than along the way, with views of channel country, mountain ranges, large natural water holes, wildlife and more. Interaction with your pilot is encouraged as the natural wonders of this vast outback region are explained.

The multi day tours are a unique and special way to view this vast country giving you access to remote locations with views that can only be appreciated by air. Imagine having an aircraft and pilot at your disposal to explore this magnificent country of ours.

You can visit their website here


Tours from Sydney, Adelaide and Elsewhere

What has really amazed us over the years is the number of city folk taking scenic flights over Lake Eyre.

Lake Eyre flights, scenic flights over Lake Eyre, Lake Eyre, Australia

We have often sat and had lunch in the William Creek Hotel surrounded by people from Sydney and Adelaide.

These people had all flown in for the weekend and were staying at the Hotel’s simple but clean motel-style accommodation.

Quite a few tour companies offer Lake Eyre flights from Australian capital cities.

Outback Spirit operates Lake Eyre tours from Adelaide, although you can also join one of their scenic flights over Lake Eyre from Marree.

They have a range of multi day tours from Adelaide. Some can be a little expensive, but the itineraries are awesome. As well as Lake Eyre, tours can take you to places like Port Augusta and Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges.

Call them on 1800 688 222 or visit their website for more information.

Spirit Safaris operates flights to Lake Eyre from Sydney, Melbourne, Broken Hill and Alice Springs.

They have a huge range of Lake Eyre scenic flights available, and are an established name in outback tour guiding as well.

We know quite a few Alice Springs locals who’ve taken a Lake Eyre flight with this company and have raved about it!

Call them to ask about Lake Eyre flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Alice Springs on 1300 763 188

Or visit their website by clicking here.

We really do hope you’ll take the opportunity to visit Lake Eyre whenever it’s got water in it and see for yourself this once in a lifetime event.

For more information about Lake Eyre, visit our main Lake Eyre page.

We’ve also written a handy page of Lake Eyre Facts, tips for safe travel to the lake and a page of the latest Lake Eyre road conditions.



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