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We’ve visited Lake Eyre quite often over the past few years. That’s because Lake Eyre is within easy long weekend driving distance of Alice Springs.

As a result, we’re able to talk about the road conditions and what to expect. We update this page regularly, so you can be sure that this information here won’t be out of date.

UPDATE 28 May 2018

There is water entering Lake Eyre north however it’s not readily visible from the road.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Get on a plane from William Creek or Marree and take a Lake Eyre flight.

Latest Lake Eyre Road Conditions

Lake Eyre Road conditions can change regularly due to rain and usage of this part of the outback.

It is really difficult keeping this page up to date so we highly recommend visiting the SA Outback Roads website for more up to date information.

You can find it here

Also note: the Simpson Desert is closed in South Australia and Queensland between 1 December and 15 March.

Oodnadatta Track

If you’re going to Lake Eyre, then you’ll need to drive along the Oodnadatta Track as well. The Halligan’s Bay turn off is just south of William Creek and the Level Post Bay Track can be accessed through Muloorina Station at the southern tip of the lake.

Again please check the above website for the latest Oodnadatta Track road conditions.

The Oodnadatta Track is usually in fair to good condition, except after rain. It can be corrugated in parts after a heavy season of use. If you want to avoid this travel in the early part of the season (April to June).

For more information on the Oodnadatta Track please go here.

Halligan Bay Track

The Halligan Bay track is track that most people will drive to Lake Eyre on. The turn off is 7 kilometres south of William Creek.

So make sure you read the Lake Eyre Road Conditions carefully!

It’s 64 km in length and it can take up to 3 hours to reach the lake, depending on the track’s condition. The average time taken is about 1.5 hours.

The last 10 km before the lake can have lots of bulldust ruts and deep erosion ditches near the creek lines, so you will need to drive very carefully here.

It’s recommended by SA Parks that you don’t take your camper trailer on this track, but just about everyone we passed was towing a trailer and getting in fine!

Level Post Bay Track

The other public route into Lake Eyre is the Level Post Bay Track, which is readily accessed from Marree. Again, read the Lake Eyre road conditions below carefully if you’re considering using this track.

Generally, most of this track is fine. Closer to the lake, there are corrugations and some damage at creek crossings may occur and big erosion ditches as well, so take care.

There are fewer vehicles using this track than Halligans Bay, so it probably won’t deteriorate as rapidly. The Muloorina campground is also nicer than Halligan Bay (which is a lot like camping at the beach), but you’re not right on the lake!

It’s recommended that you don’t take camper trailers in here, but again, lots of people do with a little extra care.

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