Mono-tasking Towards Infinity



I came across this concept today when I was reading: mono-tasking. In a strange case of synchronicity, I then received an email from Yoga Journal about the same thing.

Quite simply, mono-tasking is doing one thing at a time. If what I have been reading is right, it is the art of doing less and actually achieving more. It’s quite antithetical to the world most of us inhabit. You know what I mean: the more is good world of stuff. Stuffing your life, your house and body full of … you guessed it, more STUFF.

But I guess mono-tasking is not just about consuming stuff. It’s also about focus and intent. Being focussed on the task at hand, so focussed you enter the flow state and time ceases to be. Just doing one thing at a time with focus and intent and excellence.

(BTW: intent is my word of the week)

Hmm… I am banning multi-tasking from my life. I don’t really think it works for complex tasks. (Gary says it depends on the task, which I kind of agree with … I mean you can drink coffee and read at the same time).

Anyway, given that my life has been so hectic lately, mono-tasking sounds blissful.

Mono-tasking. The art of doing less things at once to achieve more.

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