There are so many different types of LED driving lights on the market now that if you’re going to release another one it had better be darned good. The latest offering from NARVA, the Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D driving lights, are just that, pretty darned good!

Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D Driving Lights

I’ve been running my Big Red 220mm high power LED driving lights for a couple of years now and I’ve been really happy with them. Recently though after wading through review after review of various lights I decided I had to get my hands onto the new offering from NARVA to see how good they really were.

Along with the lights I also picked up a new wiring kit made especially by NARVA to suit installation of the driving lights. As I had already fitted a similar kit when installing the Big Reds, I left the switch wire into the cab as is and fitted the rest of the wiring into my Prado.

This is not a hard job if you’re wanting to save a few dollars on installation and any half handy person shouldn’t have any trouble installing  the kit.

The Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D driving lights themselves, and in particular the mounting brackets, fitted existing mounting holes on my ARB bullbar so this made mounting the lights very easy.

Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D Driving Lights

Features and Specifications

These lights come complete with options to suit your own colour scheme and features that will make fitting them easier but also ensure your investment is well protected.

  • Interchangeable bezel colour satin, black or silver
  • Bezel trim colour comes in blue, red, yellow or black
  • Multi-slot 3 bolt mounting options
  • Each light has 33 5W Cree LEDs producing 165W of pure white light
  • Hard coated polycarbonate lens protector
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Fully sealed against water and dust ingress (IP66 and IP67)

Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D Driving Lights

Performance, Lumens and Lux

The NARVA Ultima 215s claim 1 lux at 900m which I have no way of measuring but to be fair these lights are much brighter than the Big Red Led lights.

I took the Prado out to where I’d taken the first pictures of the Big Reds in action so I’d have a real comparison. Below shows the difference between the two sets of lights, Big Reds at the top and Narva Ultimas below.Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D Driving LightsAt the end of this 1km section of road is a reflective sign which I couldn’t see so it shows penetration was shorter was this distance.

Lumens measure how much total light you are getting from your light setup. The more lumens your lights produce the brighter the light and the less lumens, a dimmer light.

These Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D driving lights are rated at 10,500 lumens.

A lux on the other hand, while being an international system unit of luminance (brightness), can really be defined as the measure of light intensity that is perceived by the human eye. In real life terms it is the measure of light at a given distance on a surface. As I said earlier these lights are rated at 1 lux at 900m.

Why am I telling you this? Well I didn’t know much about the terms either.

To me the best test is to see what the human eye sees. The Ultimas look clearly brighter to me in the above comparison than the Big Red LED lights previously fitted.

When you’re reading up on lights however it pays to be able to know what the manufacturers are actually talking about so you get what you want.

Watch out for differences in total lumens compared to effective lumens, as someone once said it’s a bit like the difference between measuring horsepower at the engine rather than at the wheels.

The best driving lights will strike the best possible balance between brightness (lumens) and beam throw at distance (lux). Everybody will no doubt have a different take on driving lights and through their own experiences, but in my humble opinion these Ultima 215s are a damn fine example of technology in action.

Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D Driving Lights


Real World

I’m really looking forward to taking these lights into the outback for some real testing but below is a short video showing the lights in some nearby scrub.

Travel Outback Australia would like to thank NARVA for supplying the lights. We hope that this has inspired you to look into driving light requirements for your vehicle. Please visit their website or contact them to discuss your needs.

Conversely, if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, but that puts out a great amount of light, I can also recommend the Big Red LED driving lights too. Info on these can be found here.

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