Outback Destinations

The Outback has many destinations to choose from…

In fact, lots of people who visit tell us they see the Outback as a tourist destination in itself – just because of its size!

Here’s a quick introduction to some of the most popular places.

Alice Springs is the heart and soul of the Outback. The number one destination in Outback Austalia. Make Alice Springs your base for exploring the Outback! It’s located central to everywhere else.. not just in the Outback but in Australia!

Ayers Rock/Uluru – Australia’s best known tourist attraction. Visit the most famous destination in Australia. Learn about Aboriginal culture and Dreaming. Want to save money visiting Ayers Rock? Let us share our local knowledge with you.

Alice Springs Desert Park. The Desert Park is one of the Outback’s best tourist attractions. The Desert Park reveals the Outback to you -its Aboriginal culture, its environment (you get to walk through every single desert habitat), its plants and animals. Make it your first stop in Alice Springs.

Kings Canyon/Watarrka. Located 350km from Alice Springs and about 300km from Ayers Rock, Watarrka is another top Outback destination. Some people say it’s even BETTER than Uluru! Make sure you visit to find out why.

Lake Eyre – Australia’s largest lake. I rate seeing Lake Eyre full second only to going to Mount Everest in terms of travel experiences. We’ve got a whole section of the site devoted to getting you out there!

Port Augusta – Crossroads of Australia. Located at the top of Spencer Gulf, Port Augusta is where the desert meets the sea. Like Alice Springs, we recommend that you use it as a base for your exploring top Outback destinations in South Australia

Coober Pedy – Opal Capital of the World. Coober Pedy is located about halfway between Alice Springs and Port Augusta. It’s one of Australia’s most unique tourist attractions. Lots of people visit Coober Pedy to stay in underground accommodation, and of course, to see the opals!

Tennant Creek. Located 505km north of Alice Springs and 1000km south of Darwin, Tennant Creek is everything you’d imagine a town in Outback Australia to be: quirky, friendly, and full of living history. It makes an ideal base to explore the Barkly Region – the ‘subtropical north’ of the Australian Outback.

The West MacDonnell Ranges. The MacDonnell Ranges often get ignored by tourists rushing off to see Ayers Rock. In our opinion, they’re one of the top Outback destinations. Don’t miss out on the gorges, waterholes and peaceful bush camping sites

The East MacDonnell Ranges. The East Macs (as we locals call them) are the perfect place to get away from tourist crowds in the Outback. Little-known swimming holes, gorges and gold mines you can explore yourself, the East Macs are an easy hour’s drive from Alice Springs. You don’t even need an off road vehicle!

Palm Valley/Finke Gorge National Park. Want some easy off road driving with a spectacular finish. A beautiful campground with hot showers and free barbeques? Then an overnight visit to Palm Valley is a must. Located 130km west of Alice Springs, Palm Valley can be seen in a day or, why not take our advice and stay the night?

The Stuart Highway. Where else in the world can you drive for 1100km on a bitumen road, without a single traffic light, and scarcely a bend? But it’s not just a boring, long straight road! We’ve written a special guide to the tourist attractions, secret spots, roadhouses and how to survive really, really long road trips.

The Simpson Desert. There are other deserts in Australia, but there is only one Simpson. We think it’s the most magical, special, beautiful place in the entire Outback. Find out how to camp out in the Simpson and how to explore its desert tracks.