Planning a Round the World Trip

Planning a round the world trip and want to include Australia?

I’m one of those people who loves trip planning.

planning a round the world trip

I was planning on writing a guide to trip planning for the Australian outback and sharing my tips and tricks. I still might do that.

However, I’ve found an inexpensive, no-nonsense guide to planning a trip around the world that you can’t go past. It’s called the Pre:Travel Guide

It’s written by Nathan and Sofia from the As We Travel Blog.

Nathan and Sofia travelled around the world 8 months on only $6000 US.

They traveled through South East Asia, Europe and Oceania – including Australia.

They’ve written all their experiences, tips, advice and mistakes into an easy-to-read ebook.

Please read my review and decide if the ebook is for you. It’s only $9.95. It’s worth that much for the travel packing and pre-planning advice alone.

The Pre:Travel Guide Overview

The Pre:Travel Guide is unlike any other travel guide I’ve read before.

planning a round the world trip

It’s written in a down-to-earth, totally honest style. I read the whole thing in half an hour and I learned a lot.

One of the reasons this guide to planning a round the world trip is unique is that it approaches travel very differently.

The book begins by asking you to look carefully at your reasons for travelling in the first place.

It gets you to examine not only your underlying reasons for travel, but also to think about the kind of traveller you are.

If you’re planning on travelling the outback independently, then understanding your own travel aims, style and motivations is going to save you a heck of a lot of disappointment AND expense.

You’ll know whether the $395 Backpacker camping tour to Uluru is going to be the highlight of your trip, or something you’ll regret.

The book also shows you how and where to look for travel inspiration using all different types of media if you’re planning a round the world trip. I didn’t find this section too useful, as I’m generally able to get excited about travelling anywhere.

Topics Covered in the Book:

  • Actual instructions for how to save money for your trip fast
  • Sample itineraries and budgets for Australia & New Zealand, Europe and South East Asia
  • Choosing a backpack
  • How to pack light (this is what sold me on the book!)
  • Comparisons of round the world flight options
  • Detailed info on finding cheap flights, transportation, and accommodation
  • How to stay healthy and fit when traveling (the fitness section is disappointing)
  • Advice on travel insurance and visas

One of the best sections in the book is the section where Nathan and Sofia reveal their budget strategy for planning their own round the world trip.

Unlike most of the guide books out there, the Pre:Travel Guide includes sample itineraries and budgets for different parts of the world.

Given that our page about fuel costs for travelling to Uluru is one our most popular pages, I can understand the value of giving real costs to to people who are trip planning.

For people planning a round the world trip, getting an idea of real travel expenses in particular countries is a huge help.

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Packing Light

Without doubt, the best section of the book is the one on selecting a backpack and the detailed luggage lists that Sofia and Nathan give.

planning a round the world trip

We are huge advocates of packing light. When we travel to South East Asia, between us, Gary and I take only 7 kg of luggage for a month long vacation.

That’s one 40 litre pack with everything for two people. (We both have a small day pack as well).

If you’re planning a round the world trip, then learning how to pack should be a top priority. The luggage lists that Nathan and Sofia provide are worth the purchase of the book.


They have a list for both guys and girls. This section of the book will help you to understand exactly what to bring, and most importantly, what to leave at home.

I could rave on about how good I thought this section of the Pre:Travel Guide was forever. I’ve read whole books on packing light, and I can tell you that if you’re planning a round the world trip, these few pages will be invaluable.

What Could be Better?

Some of its information in the Pre: Travel Guide can be found easily on the web, however, the beauty of it that it’s laid out for you in one easy to find place.

Overall, I found the fitness and health sections of the book were a little disappointing.

After 20 years as a gym instructor, I can tell you that ab-crunches and sit ups are useless exercises for flattening and strengthening stomach muscles. Planks and bird-dogs are much better options.

The health section contains advice that can be found in any guidebook or good travel advice web site.

Who Should Buy This Book?

Anyone who’s planning a round the world trip will benefit from the Pre:Travel Guide.

Anyone planning to travel in Australia will also find something useful in this book. I especially recommend it to Australians who think that:

  • you can’t travel inexpensively in your own country
  • you MUST stay in 5 Star accommodation (or you’ll die!)
  • you need to take 14 pairs of shoes for a long weekend trip

Sofia and Nathan went round the world on just $6000. Including Australia. That’s impressive.

I’m hoping it’s an eye-opener for all the Aussie naysayers out there who think their own country is too expensive to travel in.

Really, the book is a great read for anyone who’s planning a trip

If you’re not into trip planning, or you’re a package tour junkie, this book is NOT for you.

The book’s step-by-step approach and beautiful pictures appealed to me, which is why I thought it would be perfect to include on Travel Outback Australia.

It’s well worth the $9.95 price tag, and you can quickly download it HERE.

Even better, if you’re not satisfied with the eBook, the book comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

All in all, this little book is a great inspiration for planning a round the world trip.

If you purchase the book or already own it, why not leave your own thoughts on it below?

Let us know if you found the Pre:Travel Guide useful for planning a round the world trip or not. Your comments will help other people whom might be thinking about buying this book.

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