Redarc BCDC Mounting Bracket

Redarc BCDC Mounting Bracket

I’ve been running my Redarc 1225 BCDC charger under the bonnet since it was installed close to three years ago. Recently we were travelling in the Simpson Desert and, after opening the bonnet for another reason, I realised how hot it was getting so I decided to fit the charger behind the grill using the purpose built Redarc BCDC mounting bracket.

Redarc BCDC 1225D

Apparently, the efficiency of the BCDC chargers suffers with heat to the point that the amount of charge will reduce if the unit gets too hot. Redarc have a range of different brackets to suit most popular vehicles so if you are in the market for one check them out here.

After resting my elbow on my unit, I can see why. At least behind the grill it will have airflow which should help to keep the unit cooler.

As I’m already engaged finishing off my camper trailer build I decided to get a local auto shop to fit the bracket to save time and my effort. Little did I know I’d end up helping the mechanic.

Installing the Redarc BCDC Bracket

Nearly all the cables had to be cut as the bracket takes my particular unit from the driver’s side across to the passenger side behind the grill. The bracket comes with easy to follow instructions and most of the time involved is to do with measuring and re-joining cables to suit the new location.

There is a bit of disassembly like the plastic covers that fit over the space between the grill and the radiator (and the two horns on my Prado) but other than that it is a matter of fitting the charger to the new bracket and installing using existing holes.

Redarc BCDC Mounting Bracket

Once this is in place routing of the cables takes place and then reconnecting them to the main and auxiliary batteries. After putting fuses back in and cutting a slot in the plastic shroud it was time to fire up the system and see if it worked.

Once convinced everything was good it was back on with the horns and the plastic shrouds and there it was, job done.

Redarc BCDC Mounting Bracket

I think I ended up doing at least half the work so I might as well have just done the job at home. I guess that just shows that the job is not all that hard but if uncertain get your local Redarc dealer to do the job.

So, if like me, you mounted your Redarc charger under the bonnet and you now realise you want to change its location, seek out a suitable bracket from the Redarc website and hop to it.

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