Rescue Swag

Dating back to the Australian TV series Shark Tank, the Rescue Swag was created to serve the needs of an active, outdoor lifestyle.

The original Rescue Swag was founded in 2012 with initial manufacture carried out by Queensland correctional service inmates. Still Australian owned the Rescue Swag was acquired by the Queensland section of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) where all profits flow back into provision of service.

Rescue Swag

The RFDS plays a huge role in servicing outback Australia with the provision of medical response and extraction of people caught out by circumstance.

In over 20 years of working with the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT I knew I had the back up of the RFDS when things got beyond my role as a first responder. Whether it was a visitor, station worker or even one of our staff or family they were there when asked for help.

Being prepared is an important part of travelling the outback, and for that matter, living and working in it. For this reason, I reckon a Rescue Swag should be part of your kit.

I’ve had the very first edition since they were released and recently, I got hold of the new version which will take pride of place in our touring vehicle. The older one I might add will end up in our second car, just in case.

So, what is the Rescue Swag and what does it do?

The Rescue Swag is an all in one first aid kit with lots of features to help anyone deal with many different situations in rural or remote areas. It not only contains differing modules of medical supplies, but it can also act as a splint when required to treat snake bites or broken limbs.

There are different level kits available ranging from the Explorer, Adventurer and Adventurer Plus right up to a workplace kit. Let’s look at what they contain.

Explorer Rescue Swag

The Explorer is about a third of the size of our Adventurer & Workplace Rescue Swag first aid kits. The detachable internal dry bag design ensures your medical items are protected from the water and dust, remaining completely clean and dry even when fully submerged.

It suits hikes, bike rides or even fishing trips and even includes a snake bite bandage. It contains medical equipment to suit one person injuries.

For more information see the Explorer here

Adventurer Rescue Swag

The Adventure kit is designed for families and groups and like its sibling the Explorer, it is water-resistant and dustproof. It contains three modules suited to treating minor accidents, sprains, snakebites and burns and lastly, major injuries.


Rescue Swag

It also has space to add your own personal medicines or items. It will fit on your horse, pannier, ute or seat back for easy access.

For more information see the Adventurer here

Adventurer Plus Rescue Swag

The plus kit includes both the Explorer and the Adventurer Rescue Swags.

For more info see it here

Workplace Rescue Swag

The workplace kit includes a selection of medical supplies which meet Safe Work Australia First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice requirements to outdoor and remote levels.

It also includes the three modules from the Adventurer kit and remains water resistant and dustproof. It’s popular for the likes of remote workers, firefighters, cattlemen, farmers and tradies for example.

For more information on the Workplace kit see here

These swags fit the bill to aid people when times call for acting in isolation and waiting for outside help to arrive. They are lightweight, water resistant and dustproof and are manufactured to survive the rigours of outside activities.

Want to see a video of the Rescue Swag I put together then see below.

Regardless of how you prepare for the outback I reckon these are a great buy and you never know, you just might need a Rescue Swag one day in the great outdoors.

For more information across the range of Rescue Swags see

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