Review: Metro 2 Cycle

For this review we decided to cycle through our options to choose something that might interest our readers for different reasons.

The team at Reid Cycles provided us with the Metro 2 to review and pitch it as a bifold commuter cycle for those opting for a travelling lifestyle.

The new Metro 2 is purposely built to fold up and stow away in the caravan, bus or holiday house and is easy to assemble whenever you wish to get out and about to explore your surroundings.

Bike riding is one of many ways to maintain your health, so if you’re not into walking or running, or just wish for a little more speed, then the Metro 2 might be just what the doctor ordered.


Amanda on the Metro 2

Unboxing the Metro 2

The bike came to us neatly wrapped and well protected in its cardboard box. Anybody with even a small amount of technical ability can assemble the bike once unpacked and removed from all its protective wrapping and packing.

You only require a few tools to tighten things like pedals and to adjust other moving parts and then you simply operate the various clamps to get everything into place.

The bike comes in at around 12kg so it is neither heavy or really light. I did come across a couple of burrs while fitting the pedals but all in all build quality was pretty good.

The Test Ride

Always the cynic when I test something that I’m a little unsure of I hopped onto the Metro 2 and immediately found myself sitting comfortably atop the little bike.

Although I’m 6’ (1.8m) I was pretty surprised at just how comfortable the bike was for someone my height. Amanda on the other hand at 5’ 2” (1.57m) equally felt at home.


Gary on the bike, and yes we can legally ride without a helmet!

Straight out of the box the 7 speed gearing was a treat and changed smoothly and quietly.

For something this size I found the gearing quite suitable for the odd hill around Alice Springs and yet still able to assist in getting the bike up to a comfortable speed on a flat footpath.

The seat itself was padded in all the right places and the handlebars and controls were all placed in easy to use positions. I was really surprised at how smooth it was to cycle and how little space it took up on the path.

 Folding the Metro 2 Away

The bike has 5 robust clamps holding everything together. By operating the middle frame clamp you can quickly fold the bike in half.


A quick fold in half

To make it even more compact you can operate the other clamps and fold away the handlebars, pedals, lower the seat and adjust the head stem so it folds up in just 5 steps.

This means that even without tools you can have the bike all packed away for storage in a flash.


Product Specifications and Warranty

The Metro 2 has a lightweight alloy folding frame, Shimano 7 speed gearing and an upgraded wheel-set to ensure stronger, lighter wheels and tougher tyres.  The bike comes with free servicing for 12 months, a lifetime warranty on the frame and forks, as well as 2 years warranty on all other parts ensuring the experience of riding is as enjoyable as the holiday itself


The Metro 2 retails for about $449 but as I write this the bike is on special for $399.

Pros and Cons

If you’re after a bike that can travel with you or simply doesn’t take up too much space then the Metro 2 might be just the ticket. It rides smoothly and both Amanda and I found it quite comfortable to ride.

It really doesn’t take up much space and in most cases, especially if you have decent storage space, you could probably have a his n hers.

I’m guessing this bike won’t be for everyone and you’ll have to put up with looking like a tourist on a hired bike, but who cares what anyone else thinks? This might well suit all you grey nomads out there as another means of transport and the compact nature of the bike has to be a bonus.

At full retail the Metro 2 might be a little expensive for some but at the sale price I reckon it’s not bad considering what this little bike offers.

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