REVIEW: Uniden’s UH510-2 UHF hand helds

Good communications can make or break a good holiday. Whether it be between yourself and another vehicle or on foot, it pays to be able to keep in touch.

In my job as a park ranger we operate mostly in areas without mobile coverage and I have come to rely on reliable communications.

Uniden have put out a nice dual handheld CB radio kit recently which is great for keeping you and a significant other in touch. The Uniden UH510-2 (the 2 signifying 2 radios) comes in a neat pack with a dual charger and carabiners for clipping them to a belt loop or something similar so you don’t misplace a handset.



These handsets have the full 80 channels and operate in simplex (radio to radio, line of sight) or duplex (radio through repeater to radio) to extend the range available. While not having more than 1 watt transmitting power it is enough for most situations when you’re outside of your car and your vehicle unit.

In an effort to get a good idea on the range of the handhelds we used them in a variety of situations. In and around suburbia we were lucky to receive each other over about 2 km. Out in the open we were able to send and receive easily between cars on the flat and reception was good up to about 5km although this will vary depending on terrain.


These are great little handhelds and whilst not having the transmit power of commercial radios available, they still make for good little communicators. They are ideal for handing one off to the kids so you can keep in touch or just to use when out of earshot from one of your companions.

They even have a great little carabiner so you or the kids can clip them onto a belt loop or similar so they don’t get lost.


They are light, easy to use and whilst we didn’t get a chance to try out the duplex function they work pretty well on simplex. Just remember with only 1 watt of transmitting power don’t get too far away!

It’s great to be able to purchase a twin pack as often when you buy one you have buy another. This way at least you end up with one charger which makes it easier to find both units and you only need one plug for power.

Thanks Uniden for letting us test these little handhelds, for anyone not needing the fully installed version in your car these should do the job.

For more information go to Uniden’s website here

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